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Welcome to my home improvement blog! Whether you’re looking for a solution for your problem, for some interior design inspiration or to discover something new, you’ll probably find it here.

A Beautiful Interior Can Change Your Life.

Don’t settle for less. Get informed, make up your budget, aim quality, improve your living conditions.

You only live once. And you have one Home. Make it the best place to live and share your joy.

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We Help You Make Interiors Exceptional

You deserve living in the home of your dreams. Why not making it true? How can we help you?

Read everything we’ve wrote on interior home remodeling. Inspiration just one click away.

House & Garden

Your house exterior and garden are equally important in making your home a Home. Here you’ll find ultimate inspiration and design for your home exterior and your garden, also tips and tricks how to maintain your property. Blend our knowledge with your personality and create a beautiful space.

Maintenance & Security

Never neglect your safety. Permanently improve the level of your security.

Your dream home requires maintenance. Here we share some secrets on how to make your life easier.

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We first met Mike when we needed him for painting and renovating our office. He shared his idea of writing on home improvement with us and encouraged him not only to write some guest posts on our website but also launch his own home improvement blog. It’s a pleasure helping him in his online endeavour.

Emily Jones

Content Writing Senior Editor, Life Is An Episode

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Here are the most recent published articles. Enjoy reading them and don’t forget to leave us a comment.

Patio doors: bifold or sliding doors?

Patio doors: bifold or sliding doors?

Large glass patio doors are a highly sought after feature - now more than ever. But looking for a way to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces, there’s by no means a one size fits all solution, and deciding which style to go for can be difficult. As two of...

Property management 101: boosting your property aesthetics

Property management 101: boosting your property aesthetics

The world of real estate runs on the idea of nailing first impressions. After all, the aesthetic appeal of your property will help potential clients make their decision. Whether you're a seasoned property manager or a novice landlord, elevating the aesthetic appeal of...

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