As humans, we tend to collect stuff. Some of it is stuff we need, others are things we want, but one thing we constantly struggle with is storage. Where do you keep those board games you use once in a while? Where do you hide the Christmas decorations until December?

None of use likes clutter hanging around for no reason, and putting things away holds a great deal of importance to us. For some things, the question becomes “Where is away?” When we have filled all of our conventional storage in a place, we look for less conventional solutions. Here are five stylish storage solutions for your home.

Chest as a Coffee Table

Having a coffee table in the living room, a place to set all of our books, magazine, remotes, and drinks when we watch television is important, but the right coffee table can also be a great place for storage. You can keep that blanket you use to cuddle up in the winter in there, along with movies, old magazine collections, and more.

Some coffee tables come with door storage under them that enables you to do this kind of thing, but not all do. One solution is to get an old-fashioned chest, one that is flat on the top, and use it as your coffee table. This has a number of unique advantages.

These chests often have a lot of character and may be covered in leather or made of unique woods or other materials. The other advantage? They often lock, like old luggage often did, and you can even secure things of value inside with a certain amount of discretion.

If you need some extra storage in the living area, a chest as a coffee table can be a great solution.

Dresser as a TV Stand

With the advances of flat screen TVs, it is common to hang them on the wall or use rather spartan TV stands instead of the old-fashioned entertainment center. While this does make for a sleeker looking wall, it creates a storage issue unless you want to stack DVD’s and other times on the shelves themselves where they will be visible and can be perceived as clutter.

There are also those cables you need, the owner’s manuals for all of those gadgets, and extra batteries that are hanging around. Where do you keep it all? One solution is a common set of drawers, a dresser, as a TV stand. The height and width of a dresser is often perfect for holding your television (and your Apple TV or other streaming device…

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