As a freelancer I get to enjoy the comfort of my home more than those who have a 9-to-5 job. Consequently, it’s given me the opportunity to play around with interior décor. However, it wasn’t without mistakes and interior design mishaps. I learned the hard way.

If you’re like me and you’re very conscious of having a cozy home that makes you happy each time you walk in, it’s so much easier to decorate when you have some handy interior design rules up your sleeve. These rules are what I call the “Commandments of Interior Design”. Follow these rules and be assured that your home will look superb. You’d even be surprised it turned out so well.

1. Thou shalt not spend so much

“I want to change the décor of my room but how much would it cost?”

When it comes to interior design especially if you want to DIY the whole thing, the price is the first concern that comes to mind. Oftentimes that’s the reason why some people shy away from giving their space a facelift.

Coming from experience, interior décor doesn’t have to cost so much. In fact, expert interior decorators advise that you should only spend a fraction of the value of your house. Little changes like sitting arrangements, decorative ornaments and pictures you can hang on the wall make a huge difference. Plus, there are great deals on furniture if you search hard enough.

2. Thou shalt not overdo it

Who wouldn’t want to make a great impression when someone walks in your house? We would all like the perfect state-of-the-art interior décor, but you’ll lose the essence of what interior design is all about.

Just like fashion, interior design seeks to reflect the personality, values and style of the owner of the house or occupier of the flat. If you try too hard by overdoing the decor then your rooms will no…

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