Home may be where the heart is, but it’s not always where the mind wanders. A stale and boring house can constantly make you dream of going on adventures into exotic lands or relaxing in five-star luxury resorts.

They sound like the perfect ideas for the holidays, but what about the rest of the year? Will you spend all these days just sitting around at home wishing you were someplace else?

Whatever adventures you and your family want to take, they can all be done in your own backyard, especially if you try these 6 easy and exciting ways to spruce it up!

Guerilla Art Museum

A vacation is a perfect time to get cultured and teach your children about the value of art. But entrance fees to museums alone can already be quite expensive, not to mention the travel time in getting there in the first place.

Fortunately, your own home can be a makeshift museum that’s as compelling as The Louvre itself. And the artists? Your own kids of course!

Leave the learning about fine art to their college years. While they’re still young, encourage their creativity by letting them do various art projects around the house.

It doesn’t have to be coloring on the walls or mere drawings on the refrigerator. With a pair of googly eyes and a glue gun, any object can instantly transform into a work of art.

Color with Cushions and Carpets

Ever dreamed of traveling to other continents and seeing some of the most colorful cultures in the world? Well, that costs a pretty penny!

But with a few colorful oversized cushions here and some beautifully-embroidered carpets there, your backyard can instantly rival any Moroccan mansion out there.

Instill a bit of exoticism into your home by decorating it in the styles of some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Your house is the perfect canvas to transport you and your family to Middle Eastern souqs, East Asian temples, Mediterranean villas, and many more. The possibilities are endless, and the price? Less than half of the…
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