For home owners wishing to enhance their outdoor living space without having to move house, garden rooms can provide a great solution. Here are 7 creative ways to use a garden room.

Fitness room/gym

For fitness lovers (or gym dodgers) creating a fitness space or gym in your garden means you can work out in the comfort of your own home, and rid yourself of travel expenses. Having a home gym or studio on your doorstep means avoiding busy commercial gyms, and also works to separate your exercise environment from your actual home. Here’s a tip: to make the space seem bigger, add some mirrors! They will help reflect natural light and give the illusion of a larger room.

Games room

As children, many of us could have only dreamt of having a designated games room! But even as adults, having a dedicated space to enjoy with friends and family is a perfect solution for the work hard play hard life! When it comes to fitting out your games room, the different functionalities are endless. Pool table, foosball, ping pong table or if you’re a keen video gamer, you can get creative with your gaming setup and LED lighting to get in the zone!


Another great option for creating an outdoor entertaining space is to create a personal watering hole: A bar! Creating your own garden bar means that you can relax and unwind after a long day or invite friends and family round to enjoy the space too! If you prefer a more traditional looking pub aesthetic, you can find pre-loved pub furniture online, or if you are looking to create a more modern looking bar, why not have fun with lighting and furniture to create a modern, chic dream bar. Just remember to leave room for a fridge and stock up on your favourite drinks!

Home office

With many of us now working from home or hybrid working, having a dedicated office space to focus is crucial. Garden rooms make for the perfect solution to avoid the hustle and bustle of modern households, and escape to a space of calmness. Whilst the 0 hour commute time and casual clothing are just naming a few of the benefits of working from home, why not make the most of being able to create an airy space to help inspire your best work.

Guest room

If you often have guests stay round overnight but find yourself tight for space, creating a separate outdoor guest room is a perfect remedy! Keeping it simple with a clean and minimalist design with a bed or sofa bed makes for a great solution for extra sleeping space, or, if you are wanting to take your guest room to the next level, why not create your bespoke guest room with an ensuite and tea and coffee area to create a home away from home garden room that will guarantee you a 5 star review!

Spa room

Is there anything better than ending a busy day or week with a relaxing pamper night? Why not take your at home spa evenings to the next level with a dedicated garden spa room. Relaxation can look very different to different people, so you can create your very own haven of relaxation bespoke to you. Hot tubs are a popular option to unwind from modern life, or why not invest in some indoor plants to create a tropical garden escape. Water features and incense are also great ways to add to the zen and create a soothing atmosphere.

Cinema/movie room

You don’t need to keep the big screen experience at the cinema when you can have your very own dedicated movie area in your garden. Have fun creating a dark and moody atmosphere with cosy seating and dim lighting. If the snacks are the best part of movie night, then be sure to create a snack corner with all your favourite movie treats. Popcorn machines, sweet jars and a drinks fridge are perfect additions to your very own movie room, make sure to keep these well stocked so that you don’t need to leave the room when you run out of treats!

When it comes to garden rooms, your imagination is your only limit. Companies such as Garden Room Designs create and build bespoke garden rooms tailored to your needs and dreams. Have fun getting creative with the endless possibilities of enhancing your outdoor living space and get use of it all year round.

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