Home design and decor trends and fashions are constantly evolving and changing, just as in the world of clothing and accessories. However, one design aesthetic that, rather than exponentially rising in popularity over a small space of time, is always fresh, stunning, and on-trend is that of Scandinavian design, and here is a comprehensive guide to bringing such an aesthetic into your own home.

What Actually Is Scandinavian Chic?

The decor and design style named Scandinavian Chic, otherwise referred to as Hygge, is one of the most beautiful, aesthetically attractive, and luxurious yet comfortable ways to design one or more rooms in your home.

Essentially, a characteristic of Danish culture, Scandinavian Chic is a mixture of cosiness and comfort and, as a rough guide, often resembles an après ski chalet, except modified to be part of a modern and urban flat or home. Roughly translated, the word ‘hygge’ translates into the art method of creating intimacy.

What Rooms Work Best With Hygge Design?

Obviously, your house is your own to design and decorate exactly how you see fit, but it is true that certain design styles work better in certain rooms of the home.

Scandinavian Chic works perfectly in the living room of the home, in bedrooms, and for a braver and bolder design move, in the bathroom as well. Naturally, such a style can be applied to the study or reading room and can also be applied to a conservatory or outhouse setting.

The Fundamental Elements Of Creating A Hygge Room

The first thing to consider when intent on designing a room reminiscent of Scandinavian Chic is to paint the walls a bright white. Moreover, in the eyes of interior designers, if your walls aren’t white, then the room cannot technically be described as Hygge at all.

Pillar candles are another fundamental aspect of a Hygge room, again, make sure they are only cream in colour and sit on wooden bases rather than metallic or coloured ones. In terms of a focal point for your Hygge room, the best investment in terms of Hygge aesthetics and energy efficiency is a beautiful traditional fireplace from a reputable and respected supplier such as stonewoods.co.uk.

The basic colour palette of Hygge design encompasses a particularly strict framework. It involves only browns, whites, creams, and greys, and perhaps, depending on the item itself, a splash of pure black can also work.

Hygge Wall Art & Furniture

In terms of furniture, a minimalistic and neutral shade of carpet, units, and sofa are the only way to go, and a great base colour for your sofa and chairs is a light or even in a darker grey.

Lean light wooden ladders against the walls on either side of your main sofa and use them as shelves on which to place your candles, wooden ornaments, deer figurines, and wicker stands to bring your Hygge room to life.

With these tips, you’ll be able to transform your space into a Scandinavian Chic haven.

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