This is not a prestigious online magazine starring the best architects and interior designers. But a decent home improvement blog based on personal experiences and professional knowledge in most aspects related to home improvement and maintenance.

home improvement blog

Once upon a time

I always loved repairing things inside and around the house. Maybe because I was always an active person looking for new things and solutions to any problem faced. My parents benefited the most as I was always keen to fix what I previously broken or damaged. I wanted to be involved in decisions regarding our home, from painting colors to buying new pieces of furniture, from choosing the tiles to redecorating.

Skilled hands

About 10 years ago I was fortunate enough to work along an excellent team of plumbers, heating engineers and electricians, allowing me to learn their secrets and improve my skills, developing a career from helping people fixing their household problems or improving their homes.

home improvement blog
home improvement blog

The inspiration

With all those blogs and magazines on home improvement, architecture and interior design, was there a place for my blog? A few lovely people convinced me it was. They persuaded me to the point I felt the time has come. So here it is, my blog on home improvement, renovations, maintenance and security. At the same time, your blog, my dear reader.

Thank you for trusting me

I'm sure you'll find some useful pieces of advice here. In fact I'm sure that no matter what your need is (household related, of course), you'll probably find inspiration or a fix here. I welcome specialist advice so if you want to contribute to the content of this blog, don't hesitate providing it. There are a lot of people looking for help.

home improvement blog

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