Our homes are probably one of our favorite places to be. Of course, you want to make sure it stays cozy and warm inside.

And the first thing on your list that you should be properly maintaining and taking good care of is your roof. For you to do this, you should arm yourself with important facts and knowledge about roof repair and maintenance.

Though, not all repairs are DIY-able, knowing what signs to look for and when to call a pro can save you from unnecessary stress and expenses.

Doing your best to keep your roof in perfect shape and addressing issues as soon as they arise will also significantly prevent further damage which can be costly and frustrating.

As the saying goes “prevention is ALWAYS better (and less costly) than a cure”.

Let’s help you avoid the headache that comes with a damaged roof by knowing exactly when to take action.

5 Mandatory Roof Repairs: Signs you Shouldn’t Ignore

Missing or damaged shingles

Preserving the integrity of your roof is crucial to keep it at its optimum performance. And to ensure you don’t risk this, it is a must that you kick off roof repair when shingles start showing signs of wear and tear, especially if they are missing.

Replacing missing or damaged shingles should be performed in the fall of summertime when it’s perfectly safe for someone to be up there as well as when chances of extreme weather conditions aren’t as much of an issue.

If, however, you notice missing shingles during winter, it wouldn’t be wise to wait until springtime to make these repairs, as the extreme weather and cold can cause more harm and damage to your roof that will eventually lead to structural leaks. So take action ASAP and avoid further damage.

Roof Leaks

Another issue that requires immediate repair would be roof leaks. You wouldn’t want water seeping into your home during a rain, right?

Right. And this is why proactive roof leak detection should actually be given more importance. Moreover, leaks aren’t that easy to identify.

The spot where the water is seen to be leaking might not be where the actual issue is, so you’ll want to get a roofing professional involved to get to the bottom of the issue.
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