The roof is just like an intermediary that separates your home from the outside environment; a damage to it is a threat to your comfort.

A damage to your roof will definitely call for an immediate fix because no one wants to experience living in a roofless home as it can be as demeaning as it can be dangerous.

Obviously, there will be a need to call a roofer to have the problem fixed. It’s no news that there are quite a number of customers that have recorded pretty bad encounters with some roofing companies; making it important for you to have some information up your sleeves so you wouldn’t be part of that statistic.

Here are all you need to know before hiring a roofer:

Understanding What Your Roofing Warranty Entails Is Key

It is no news that the manufacturers of roofs give warranty on their products, while this is an amazing privilege, they are conditions that could void your warranty if care isn’t taken. They are:

Improper installation: if your roofing contractor fails to oblige the right installation practices as specified by the manufacturers in their manual, thereby causing a damage to the roof, the manufacturers might take out the warranty privilege in such case.

Pressure washing: it is not advisable to wash your roof by pressure washing as it can compromise the quality of the roof. Doing otherwise means you are violating the terms of your warranty.

The layering of a new roof on an existing one – this common practice among roofers can counter the terms of your warranty too.

The aforementioned are the common misguided actions that could nullify your roof’s warranty. Be sure to understand the details of your warranty, and ensure your roofer abides by the instructions to avoid nullification of your warranty.

Beware Of Fraudsters

Sometimes, some of these roofing contractors are there to prey on unsuspecting customers, that before the customers would realize the extent of the damage done, it would have blown out of proportion.

One fine example of this happening is when a roofing contractor approaches a homeowner after a storm to inspect their roof.

Of course, every normal person wouldn’t mind this as it could be for their own good, considering the fact that the storm could have placed a dent on the roof and only a roofing contractor would know what’s wrong for sure…
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