My love of shutters must go back to my first trip to France when I was a teenager on an exchange visit from school. There are many wonderful things about France such as the space, the friendly people and the awesome food and drink. When it comes to housing, as well as being far more affordable than in the UK, so many properties have shutters making them so pretty to look at. I often wonder why more UK houses do not have them as our weather is certainly pretty similar to that in the North of France at least.

I have to admit my love of shutters is mainly about the look of them and how much they add in value in terms of style. However, today I am going to dig a little deeper into the benefits of having interior shutters in your home.


I do like my privacy at home. Although I can be friendly when out and about, home is my sanctuary and I like to keep it that way. I have lived in several homes with big windows onto the street where passers-by have gawped into my house often without any embarrassment at all. Plantation shutters offer that protection from such unwelcome attention and I think shutters might be a really good idea with so many people milling around even in residential areas.

Expressing yourself

We all like our homes to say something about us and our individual style. Interior design is a great way to reflect our personalities and get creative. If you have internal window shutters you can have lacquer and paint effects that tell the world what you are all about style wise from shabby chic to a love of a more urban look. Shutters can be seen as jewellery for your home. Great shutters are beautifully crafted and can be custom made so you get exactly what you…

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