We all come to a point in life where settling down owning a house becomes a mandatory part. A home is a part of everybody’s life that holds a significant amount of value. One of the major decisions while constructing the building is to put on a ceiling. And in the world that we are living in focusing on a cost-effective, nature-friendly and sustainable method is plastering the ceilings. It can be played around by giving you different combinations and layers, and it is also a speedy process which is fantastic if you are remodelling.

It is now in extensive use all over the construction industry for its properties. Plaster is a material that aids interior construction and, in many ways, and has a lower impact on the environment. So, it makes sense to plaster your ceilings. Listed below are some of the reasons why plastering your roofs is a better choice.


  • It can be applied directly on any surface, be it Blocks, Bricks or Boards. It is used with simple tools to give some of the best patterns and designs. It is easy to work with and can be prepared into the desired consistency and then moulded according to requirement.
  • It provides an exceptional finish. It is because plaster on the ceiling gives an even surface for the paint to stick on, giving an overall superior result.
  • It has a lower thermal conductivity which saves cost for heating and cooling rooms. Heating rooms or cooling them down will be naturally cheaper.
  • A ton of wiring and ducting are buried in the ceilings, false, or plaster ceiling does more than hiding these urban vines. It gives the roof an overall improved design. Plaster ceilings are one of the best ways to conceal the wiring and give the room a pleasant look that most find aesthetically pleasing.
  • Gypsum, the main constituent of plaster, is a non-combustible material. It gives you fire-resistant ceilings. Plaster aids in controlling the spread of fire in case of an emergency as it is fire resistant.
  • Plaster on the ceilings helps improve the acoustics of the room. Having a higher sound absorption index plaster dampens the sound in the room, giving you a quieter environment.
  • It protects against the impending termite attacks.
  • The aesthetic value of the ceiling can be increased many folds by having a plaster ceiling as plaster can be moulded into any desired shape or intricate design. It can also be used to give you different textures, ranging from the most prevalent smooth finish to textures created using various tools.
  • Plaster is a lighter material as compared to cement and sand. It reduces the load on the frame of the building significantly.
  • Plaster finishes are less likely to crack as compared to cement finishing as it expands very slightly on the setting.
  • Easy fix: over time if a portion of a wall or ceiling gets damaged, small parts can be repaired independently without having to restore the whole roof or wall.

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