If you’ve already come to the conclusion that having curtains on your windows is not for you, then you will probably be left with getting blinds right? This isn’t always the case, there are a few extra options available. If you are 100% sure that you don’t want to have drapes or curtains, then the other options you have to choose from are blinds and shutters.

Although many people don’t consider window shutters, they have a great number of advantages on offer, as well as some disadvantages which differ from those of blinds. So, in the post below we are going to go over both the pros and cons of each type of window dressings. Helping you to make an informed decision when you comes to ensuring your home is beautifully styled.

Plantation Shutters


  • Whether you are going for a classic style interior or are looking for a design that simply won’t age, shutters are a timeless addition to your home.
  • Not only function great in bay windows, but helps to enhance your bay window beauty.
  • A number of styles available, such as wood, faux wood, pvc and even mirrored.
  • Ability to provide the room with a gentle/soft light and help with air filtering to ensure that the space remains fresh and bright.
  • Lower amount of maintenance required in comparison to blinds. The materials are hard wearing, easy to clean and there are less problems whilst using due to there being no mechanisms.
  • If you are looking for something different for your windows, then plantation shutters are definitely something to consider. Not many people think of or have window shutters in their home, which means you can really make a statement and help your home stand out against the crowd.
  • Not only do they help to keep in the heat, but they also provide extra security for your home. Helping to keep valuable objects out of sight.
  • Great for use around children, as there are no cords or chains that could be a potential hazard.
  • Can be installed onto any size or shape of window, no matter how obscure they may seem.


  • Downsides of having shutters it that they can be a lot more expensive than having blinds.
  • Shutters are usually installed directly to the window frames, which means that they take up a lot more room than blinds usually would.



wooden window blinds


  • There are a wide range of patterns and colours that you can choose from. Being able to match these to your interior design is definitely a positive!
  • Blinds give a smoother and better line than you get from shutters.
  • All blinds can be made to measure, which means that they will fit perfectly into your window.
  • There are a number of different blind types to purchase, from Romans to Roller and Wooden.
  • Styles & Types to suit your room. If you are looking for a room that is often filled with moisture, then an aluminium venetian blind would be a great fit. But, if you like the visual appeal of wooden blinds and want to have them in your kitchen or bathroom, then you should consider getting a faux wood blind.


  • Due to the mechanisms within certain blind types they can become damaged far easier than shutters. As there are a number of things that can go wrong inside the blinds mechanics.
  • Unfortunately as mentioned above, blinds are not as durable as shutters.
  • Can take more time to clean effectively.
  • Some fabrics used in the blinds can fade over time due to their exposure to the UV rays of the sun.

Hopefully, now that you have seen the pros and cons to both blinds and shutters, you can me an informed decision about what you would like for your home. Make sure to check out the full range of styles and types that are available, not to mention requesting fabric samples so you can ensure that they match your home perfectly.

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