The boiler of your home is one of the most important appliances and not only keeps your home warm and cosy but also provides hot water in every tap of your home.

And if your boiler experiences breakdowns and faults that are unrepairable, it is time to get a boiler replacement and install a new-age high-performance boiler right away.

The most important thing when you are looking for boiler installation services is to choose a quality and professional boiler installer. Let’s see a few pointers on how you should choose a quality boiler installer.

Choosing a boiler installer

Boiler installation is a complicated process. From start to finish, the professional must take care that the guidelines are followed, and the installation process is completed without much hassle to the customer.

Hence, choosing a quality boiler installer is of the utmost importance. Here are a few things you must remember.

  • Accreditation: Always choose a boiler installer who is accredited to install the boiler manufacturer’s products. For example, if you want to install a Glow-worm boiler, choose an installer who is an accredited installer for this manufacturer. This will ensure you get professional and certified installation services.
  • Experience: The next thing you must consider is the experience of the boiler installer. The more experience they have, the faster the installation process will be.
  • Certified Team: Since boilers are complicated appliances, having the right certification to install the boiler is of the utmost importance. This ensures professional and safe installation. Always look for Gas Safe Registered or OFTEC registered installation services.
  • Finance Options: Boilers are quite an expensive appliance. It might not be possible for you to pay the complete price in one go. Choose a boiler installer that offers finance options such as payment in instalments.

Asking for a quote

Once you have shortlisted a few installers based on the above factors, make sure to ask them for a quote for their services.

Make sure the quote includes the prices for the following:

  • Controls
  • Power flushing
  • Any future system changes that can be carried out

You must always remember that boiler installation prices will depend on the company, the type of boiler, the installation location in your home.

Boiler installation process

Once you have found a boiler installer and agreed on the costs, it is time to book your appointment for boiler installation in Worcester.

Now, it is always wise to be prepared for the installation day. You can do that only when you know what happens on the boiler installation day.

Let’s get to know the installation process in detail.

  • The first step to boiler installation is the removal of the old boiler. The professional will start to carefully remove the old boiler. The time required to remove the old boiler will completely depend on the complexity of the job and the type of old boiler.
  • The next step is to clean and flush the system. The installer will either perform a chemical flush or power flush depending on the requirement. This step is of the utmost importance before installing a new boiler. This will remove any sediments and debris that might be damaging to your new boiler.
  • The third step is to look for any pipework changes. Depending on the type of new boiler, it may or may not need any pipework changes.
  • The fourth step is to install a new boiler. The installer will finally install the new boiler in the previous location or a new location. You can certainly change the location of the new boiler installation. But always remember that moving your boiler to a new location may include extra charges. So, don’t forget to ask for your installer’s recommendation.
  • The fifth step is to fit boiler accessories. The most important accessory that your boiler will need is a system filter. This filter will remove any potential damaging debris or sludge preventing your new boiler from getting damaged.
  • Once the installation of the new boiler has been done, the installer will start the new boiler to determine that it is running smoothly without any issues and faults.
  • After the commissioning of the new boiler, the installer will hand over all the paperwork and information regarding the new boiler. The installer will inform you about the complete operation, controls, possible troubleshooting options, and more. This is also a great time to ask any question you might have regarding the new boiler and its operations.
  • Finally, don’t forget to register your new boiler with the manufacturer. Either you or the installer can carry out this process. This will ensure that your new boiler has a manufacturer’s guarantee. Although remember this guarantee is valid only if you get yearly boiler maintenance services.

How much time is required for boiler installation?

A typical boiler installation usually takes 1-3 days. But the time duration will certainly depend on the type of boiler and the complexity of installation. For example, if you need new pipework during installation, it might take more time than anticipated. But if you are installing a like for like boiler, the installation can be done on the same day.

After the installation

Once your new boiler is installed perfectly, you can enjoy heating and hot water in your home. Make sure to get yearly maintenance service for the boiler to avoid any breakdowns and to maintain your manufacturer’s guarantee. Always keep an eye out for any signs that might indicate that your boiler needs repair services. You will need professional assistance from an expert company.


Boiler installation is a complicated process and will need professional expertise. Hence, make sure that you call a professional company such as BoilerChoice.

BoilerChoice is amongst the leading companies that provide professional consultation and installation of boilers. The company has developed a simple and quick questionnaire that will allow them to suggest to you the type of boiler your home needs.

You can compare the different boiler types and models based on features and prices. Once you have chosen, you can book your boiler installation date with them. BoilerChoice is an accredited installer of the Glow-worm, Ideal, and Vaillant boilers.

They have a professional team and follow all the latest guidelines for an efficient boiler installation process. Contact them now to know more.

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