Have you been thinking about adding flower window boxes or planters to your home? Doing so can completely change the appearance of your house while boosting curb appeal.

There are a few common features that the best window boxes and planters share. Here are some things that you should look for before you buy.

PVC Construction for Protection Against Rot and Insects

For many years the standard for window boxes and planters was cumbersome wood containers. The evolution of technology has made PVC planters a much more attractive option.

Versatex is a special type of PVC that has an architectural grade. It is specifically engineered to resist moisture.

Moisture in flower window boxes and planters can create numerous problems, the foremost of which is rot. Moisture also creates a breeding ground for insects. PVC window boxes and planters come with a lifetime guarantee against rot.

Solid Material Construction

You might be thinking that PVC wouldn’t be as durable as wood for flower boxes and planters, but the opposite is true. Each box is made up of durable PVC segments that are reinforced on the inside. These types of boxes and planters are not hollow like many other types.

The greatest advantage of solid construction is that the boxes won’t tilt or sag. These styles can also easily support the weight of soil and water that is required to keep your plants in top shape.

Easy and Secure Installation

No homeowner wants to embark upon a project that becomes an exercise in frustration. The best window boxes and planters are those that can be installed in a few hours with basic tools and handyman skills.

Choosing the right type means that you can actually enjoy the experience of installing the boxes. Some window boxes even come with included brackets.

You’ll also find that the best options have detailed installation instructions. Best of all, you can find affordable PVC boxes that are very secure and do not pose a risk of becoming detached from your home’s exterior.

Attractive Finishes

Another option that you will want to insist on is an attractive finish. It is possible to purchase flower window boxes and planters that retain the classic look of wood.

These options can also be painted in any color that you choose, so matching your home’s exterior is not a problem.

Painting wood and making it look appealing can take a lot of time. You’ll also need to repaint and repair through the years. Your PVC window boxes will look…
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