For the very first time, homeowners can be in the dilemma of using curtains and blinds for their windows. A question may arise in your mind that whether to use curtains or blinds for the windows? It is suggested to use curtains rather than blinds. Check out the below-mentioned points to know why curtains are more preferable than blinds for your windows.

1. Curtains Are More Versatile

If you have any confusion about the versatility between curtains and blinds, then clear out your confusion as curtains are more versatile to use. Blinds can be readymade as well as custom made depending on your choice. Although they are unobtrusive, they also have cons like they create noises in windy days, and you can find such blinds available in limited colors. Whereas, curtains come with a wide range of colors and provide different styles according to your choice. You can choose the curtains according to your choice and you can easily install them on your windows without any technical help.

2. Insulation Is Better with Curtains

Curtains and blinds both provide insulation, but curtains can prevent heat. Blinds are usually thin-lined and thus cannot provide much insulation. Using a curtain with block out lining helps you to stabilize the temperature of the room. Unlike blinds, they can also cut draughts as they can be hung under the ledge of the window. So, you can use few heavy curtains in your bedroom to keep your room cool and you can save your power consumption cost too.

3. Cleaning Made Easy with Curtains

When we compare curtains and blinds on the basis of cleaning, then it is way easier to keep the curtains clean. Blinds provide obstruction in cleaning especially the horizontal linings are hard to clean which makes the room dirty. Apart from that, you need to spend additional maintenance cost on these blinds. You do not have to worry about cleaning the curtains on regular basis, as it requires little maintenance. It can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

4. Light and Sound Blockage

Multiple layering of curtains can provide blockage to both light as well as sound. It is true that you can also block the direct sunlight by installing some blackout blinds. It does not provide the same amount of blockage as compared to curtains. Moreover, curtains are less expensive than blinds and you can easily change your curtains anytime according to your needs.

5. Long-Lasting Durability of The Curtains

In comparison to curtains and blinds, curtains are seen to long last. Generally, the life span of any window covering is governed by the exposure amount to the elements and chemicals while washing. As most modern blinds are made up of acrylic material, and it tends to wipe out after being exposed to the mild detergent, and over the times, it becomes thin and eventually breaks. On the other hand, the block out curtains with a removable block out lining are highly durable. Even if anything happens in the lining, it can be replaced.

6. Curtains Are Much Easier to Hang

If you want to change your old-fashioned curtains, then you just need to remove them from the curtain pole. After removing your old one, attach the hooks with your newly designed curtains to enhance the beauty of your home. On the other hand, replacing blinds can be a difficult one. If you want to replace the existing blinds then you need to unhook each blind and then unclipped them carefully. This seems to be problematic.

These are the overall points on the comparison between curtains and blinds. So, now your doubts upon why curtains are the best compared to blinds are clear. So, why wait, go for highly designed curtains, and hang up over your windows to take the beauty of your house to the next level.

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