When it comes to utilising the space of a backyard, one of the most common inclusions homeowners want or build is a deck. Melding the outdoor and indoor perfectly, there are many different types of decks and reasons why people would want a deck in their home. Whether you are renovating, building a new home or just wanting to revamp existing decking- there are so many ways to use decking besides the classic.

Not sure where to begin? If you have been contemplating building a deck for your home, here is some inspiration for the different types of decks you can consider for your home.

The Entertainment Deck

Enjoy a party at your home? Then get a deck that is well suited to outdoor entertainment and parties. This is pretty much the essential function of many Australian decks, and definitely a must for Summer. Whether you are frequent entertainers or just like to throw the occasional get-together, having the option is always a good idea and it adds value to your home.

Include features like seating, a fire pit or an outdoor hammock to really add to the relaxed vibe. Incorporate decorative lighting, an outdoor setting and even a barbecue and you can be guaranteed that your new deck will be worth the investment.

Composite deck could be a good option to consider for such an entertainment deck, as it’s easy to spill food and drinks onto the deck when you host a party. Composite deck is easy to clean and maintain. Find out more about composite deck here.

The Dining Deck

Even if you are not inclined to have many parties, creating an outdoor dining space can be a wonderful way to relax and wind down after a busy day, or the perfect place to eat breakfast in the morning. Alfresco dining is always a popular choice, so whether you are entertaining or just wanting a quiet meal with your partner, setting up an outdoor dining deck is one way to utilise the space. Add a little ambience with some lanterns and/or string lights and create a space that can truly be romantic and magical.

The Petite Deck

Want to make a small yard look bigger? A petite deck has the ability to create sections in the garden, giving the appearance that it is bigger. Use it to add seating, potted plants or anything that creates more space in your garden. Whether it is jutting out from the home, fence or is just free standing, creating sections in your garden is always a handy tip to make your garden look larger than what it is.

The Master Bedroom Deck

Who said a deck needs to come out of the backdoor and into the garden? Picture this, it is Sunday morning, while the sun is coming in ever so gently, you open the master bedroom doors that lead out onto a deck. It does not have to be a large deck, just add a couple of chairs and small table, and you have the perfect way place to drink that morning coffee, read a book and either enjoy each other’s company or have a nice solo wake up.

The Garden Path Deck

A deck doesn’t just have to a rectangle jutting out from the house. Create a path through your garden by using decking. Add extra places to sit and enjoy the garden, as well as adding a variety of different widths to draw visitors through the space.

The Destination Deck

Have a large property and want to utilise some space? Have a particular part of the garden that you want people to be drawn too or want to use to entertain? Then a destination deck is a great way to draw people out of the house and into the space you want to use. A deck does not have to be attached to the house to be a great deck, so highlight your garden with a destination deck.

Among these ideas, there are so many ways you can use a deck to really add to your home that it would be impossible to list them all. With the right designers and builders, and a flexible budget, truly the options are almost limitless. Using different shapes, materials, functions and just different ideas, you can truly create a space that is unique to you and your home.

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