With advancement and technology comes ease, comfort and convenience. More creativity gets the chance to be explored and implemented. With the mixture of such modern times, advancement and innovation comes the idea of an ensuite bathroom because comfort of an individual is first, on priority list. These days, the design and architecture of the home is also dependent on how one has formulated their bathrooms. How convenient is the distance, how innovative is the design, how comfort oriented is the ambiance of the bathroom?

Obviously, in this scenario, if you are selling your house, a good, comfortable and convenient ensuite bathroom to your bedrooms is a must to install, so to get high price for your house because most couples and families prefer attached bathrooms at least with one master bed, if not more.

These attached bathrooms to your bedroom also provide you privacy and thus is more likeable and more in demand as who wouldn’t want to slide into the shower right from their bed.

After a good market and online research, here are few ideas and tips that you can definitely use for an ensuite bathroom to your bedroom, if you are thinking about renovating your house or building one of your own.

Design Innovatively, To Make The Best Of The Space

If you want to make the best of the entire space you have for the bathroom inside the bedroom, then you must be as clever as possible when designing. The layout of the ensuite bathroom has to be planned keeping in mind the proper space for all the accessories and essentials of the bathroom. The lavatory should be convenient to reach and should be strategically planned to accommodate ease and comfort. If unevenly designed, it will spoil space and will look awkward aesthetically. Therefore, while planning the layout, be very careful to utilize its space, big or small, very innovatively.

Select Suitable Accessories And Bathroom Suite

These days, there is a wide variety of every style and design in the market. So to select a perfectly suitable bathroom suite keeping in mind the layout, planning, space and cost is a daunting task. Sleek and delicate designer things may seem very attractive but may leave the bathroom looking incomplete and same is the case with heavy looking vintage or old period style things which are bigger in size and may look unfit or take up all the space making the bathroom look very cramped. So, one must choose the bathroom suite with all its other accessories very carefully.

Introduce A Theme

For an impactful effect, you must select a theme for your bathroom so it can complement its adjoining quality with the bedroom. A theme makes it easier for you to find accessories, select color, light and even décor. If you have selected a good theme than you will be proud to make an artistic bathroom with a visual treat for others to view.

Décor Can Enhance The Look

Your luxurious ensuite bathroom once constructed also demand a good and complimenting décor to enhance the overall look. The biggest advantage of having a private bathroom is the liberty you get, to design and decorate it as per your own liking and taste. You must decorate it in a way that it could enhance the overall value of your house.

Lighting Can Be Useful

Proper lighting can enhance the look and thus can highlight your décor and theme. One of the most preferred lights is the natural day light so always go for frosted glass in your windows which will be good for your privacy but will also give you clear day light. You can also install small LED lights in the paneling or on the corners to broaden the look of your bathroom.

Music Can be Relaxing

To make your bathroom dreamier, you can install the music system to play the collection of your choice or install digital music lights with the soft music inbuilt in them. So that every time you switch on the lights the music plays automatically which works to relax you and make your surroundings more peaceful for you. There are other options available in the market that you can explore, like silent flushing toilets or sound proof ventilation to keep your private place peaceful.

Colors Play A Vital Role

Color of things and paint of the bathroom plays a vital role in creating a peaceful ambiance in your ensuite bathroom. It should neither be too dark or too light nor should it be too matching with your bedroom. The paint of the walls should enhance the attachments, suite of the bathroom and should match or be in contrast with the décor to complement it perfectly. For instance, white paint may work well if you want your cramped space to look wider. But it is also grand if you go with light tones which look appeasing to eyes and also work as white does.

For the people who think light colors are not happy colors, they can use vivid coloring in décor or for curtains instead of wall paint. You can even install vibrant foldable shower curtains for the same purpose. One way or the other, you have many options where you can use a punch of bright color like tiles, fittings, blinds, wood finishing of the mirror, shelving and window shutters etc.

Small Spaces

Use of small spaces could be very tricky some times. The best way around this problem is to plan your entire bathroom keeping in view the edges and corners of the space you have for the bathroom. This way you can bring in a theme in which those awkward gaps and creases could be used objectively. You can buy your toilet set as per the requirement of the space. Like a corner basin or center shower place. You can plan symmetry and sophistication in a more aesthetical pattern if you leave more floor space in the bathroom. You can even design more creative wall hangings to acquire that floor space.

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