With only a few weeks to go until the summer season is in full swing, many homeowners are looking at making outdoor improvements to get their space ready for the rays. If you’re the type who plans to sit out in the garden all summer long, you’ll need a functional space that enables you to truly chill out and make the most of the warmer weather.

Whether you’ve got a gigantic garden or something more small-scale, here are some brilliant ways to improve your garden space before summer gets underway.

Install a Patio or Decking

Lots of us love nothing more than calling up our loved ones and having them over for a BBQ in the summer. If you’ve got the space to allocate plenty, you should consider installing a patio or decking. This can serve as a spot to entertain your nearest and dearest. If you opt for a patio and need to level out a large area with concrete for it, The Concrete Network can help. You can use their concrete mix calculator to get a free quote from their team and ensure you’ve got enough for your patio.

Mow the Lawn

It’s not a job many of us like to do, but it’s essential to prepare your garden for summer. What job is it, you ask? Mowing the lawn! Keeping your grass neat and tidy encourages more to grow through thickly, which creates a luxuriant look. Also, mowing your lawn blocks out weeds and makes your grass more hard-wearing. As long as you’ve got a sturdy lawnmower, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem maintaining it. Alternatively, you can hire a gardener to do the work for you.

Plant Flowers

When the sun beams down on your garden, you’ll want it to be filled with beautiful, colourful flowers. Some of the best flowers to plant in your garden this summer include delphinium and digitalis, crocosmia, and thalictrum. For them to thrive and be healthy all summer long, keep a close eye on them and remember to water them!

Invest in New Furniture

Whether you want to sit outdoors and enjoy some much-needed peace or host a summer party, you must have got plenty of garden furniture for everyone to sit on. Over the winter and spring, your existing furniture may have got rusty. While a quick paint job may do the trick, it’s time to stock up on dining sets, benches, and chairs if your furniture is beyond repair. To protect you from the sun, you should consider installing a pergola or gazebo. The choice is up to you.

Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds are a real nuisance. You’ll hear homeowners sigh up and down the country when they notice how many weeds have grown through over the last year. Thankfully, there are quick and easy ways to get rid of them for good. Digging them up by the roots, pouring over boiling water, and using vinegar are all effective methods for killing weeds and stopping them from spreading.

We bet you’re itching to get outdoors, get the BBQ on and enjoy your garden space. But, before the fun gets underway, make sure to do any (or all) of the above, which is sure to get your garden ready for the sunshine that awaits.

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