Cleaning the kitchen stove is a messy and tiresome process. Every time you cook, the food spills make your stove burners dirty.

Cleaning the stove is a repetitive job that needs to be done again and again even if it is clean for now.

Cooking the food takes up half of your time and energy while cleaning the stove after you have cooked takes up the rest of your time and energy. There are some ways that you can make this cleaning process easy and fast.

The stovetop is one of the hardest places to clean in your kitchen and it is impossible to thoroughly clean it. So it is essential to learn a few tricks to clean your stove fast and easy.

In this post, let us see some fast and easy ways to clean your stove burners.

Ammonia for gas stove heads and grates

The gas burner grates and heads are the toughest part to clean in the stove. Food spills and other waste from your kitchen gets stuck up on these parts and make it a mess. To clean these parts, you can use ammonia.

First, take out the heads and grates of your gas stove burner and place them in a bag. Add ammonia to the bag until it is covered in half.

Lay the bag present with ammonia and gas heads flat on its surface for a night. The ammonia cleans the grates and heads really well without you doing any work on it.

All the greasy food splatter and spill present in the gas stove heads and grates will be removed by the ammonia fumes, and your stove will look as new. Make sure you buy good gas stove, so it’s more easy to clean it.

Use white vinegar regularly

White vinegar does a good job of removing the grease and food dirt from your stove burner. Every time you cook, grease forms upon your burner stove.

To stop this, you can use white vinegar as it helps to remove the food grease before it bakes in. Not only the gas stovetops, but electric stovetops too get cleaned by using this method.

For cleaning the grates, you can soak the dirty grates in the mixture of water and white vinegar. You can create this mixture with equal half of water and white vinegar.

After soaking the grates for about 30 minutes, you can remove them and brush it with a scrub to clean them completely.

For the burner heads, you can use the same mixture in a spray bottle and use it on top of the stove and burner. Spray the mixture and leave it for about…
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