The kitchen area plays a significant role in our day to day lives. Almost everyone will agree to the fact that the kitchen is the heart of every home.

Apart from it being the most frequented room around the home, there is so much more that goes on inside there. As a result, the kitchen is prone to wear and tear more than any other area in a home.

When it comes to improving your kitchen, a lot of people think that it’s a project that’s going to cost them a fortune and maybe they have to break the bank to achieve their dream kitchen.

Interestingly, you can give your kitchen a completely new look and improve its functionality with a few tips without necessarily dipping too down into your pockets.

As they say, knowledge is power. Without further ado, here are tips that will not only help you make your kitchen highly functional but they will also improve its appearance.

1. Cover ugly countertops

Are your tired of those chipped countertops in your kitchen? Well, it is time to replace them. You may feel like putting brand new countertops is a small change but the impact is magnificent. Functional and good-looking countertops will make meal prepping easier and lots of fun.

2. Declutter the room

Have you realized a poorly arranged room looks smaller and almost every space is used up? The same case happens to a cluttered kitchen. You will hardly get space to do anything there without feeling overwhelmed.

However, when you clear the area and put stuff into their necessary storage spaces, your kitchen suddenly feels clean, fresh and spacious.

A few ways to declutter your kitchen can include use of pot racks, installation of a magnetic spice rack and installation of floating shelves. A clean kitchen looks awesome. Anybody who steps inside it gets that wow effect.

3. Add kitchen lighting

It is time to change your kitchen lighting if you are still using fluorescent lighting. Not only are they old school but fluorescent light don’t offer the best lighting option anymore.

If your budget allows it, take advantage of natural lighting by getting bigger new windows and opening the curtains to shed more light into the kitchen.

Remember to add a standing lamp in that dark corner of your kitchen and install lighting on the cabinets. They will brighten up the entire kitchen space. The truth is, the right lighting has the power to make your kitchen beautiful and inviting.

4. Install new cabinets

If you are tired with your old dingy cabinets, then it is high time you consider installing completely new cabinets for a facelift. Cabinets are not just…
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