Trying to get your space, whether that’s a full house, a student room or a new apartment to feel like you can be difficult.

I love where I live. but me and Jay haven’t felt very relaxed here. For the first couple of weeks, I likened it to feeling a bit like living in an Air BnB. It wasn’t quite as stoic as a hotel, but it certainly wasn’t as comfortable as living at home.

It was when we both realised we felt like this that we had to do a bit of analysis on the space where we live. Why weren’t we in love with it? Why were we not comfy when we got on the couch to watch Netflix? The answer was simple, the space just didn’t reflect us.

Our apartment is gorgeous. It’s white, modern, open plan, it’s on the 11th floor of a new build and has views of Wembley, the Shard and the Eye. We are so lucky to live here and we do love it. But we’ve decided to give it a bit of a more personal touch in the next few weeks that will make it feel more homely. Here’s what we’re doing & how you can improve your home too!

Wood is warm. Whereas things like white and glass are exceptionally cold and medical, almost. All the walls in our apartment are white and our rental furniture from our block’s furniture company is glass. This means that the things we see and use on the most regular basis aren’t warm and cosy.

I recently bought a couple of very simple shelves from Etsy. They have two black string to hold up a wooden plank. Simple, but effective. They give a warm touch to a cold white wall. We’ve also spotted a few amazing coffee tables on Etsy, and we’re really just narrowing down which one we want before we buy it on the next big pay day. There are loads of things on Etsy that co-incide with home improvement ideas, so take a look there and buy locally before heading to a department store.

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