Owning a home is one of the most rewarding milestones we can pass in our lives. The moment we first step into a new house, and begin making a new home, it can be the start of an incredible journey for us and our family. Our home will be a place we will make memories that will last our lifetime, and the house itself will often become a part of the family – a character in our life story.

We owe it to our homes, and all they do for us, to protect them from the times when emergencies strike. Not enough people know that you can get cover for home emergencies like drainage issues, electrical faults, and even pest control. Some policies even cover home security, offering an extra layer of protection to your home. Here are five reasons anyone should consider getting home emergency cover, so that they have someone to call when a home disaster happens.

Electrical Problems are Expensive

When your home suffers an electrical problem, the costs can soon spiral. The wiring that runs through our home can cost thousands to replace, with all the associated work going under floorboards and through the walls. Getting cover for electrical failures could save you thousands of pounds.

Home Security Protects You Too

Home security is important, and the best home emergency cover will offer home security as part of the package. Companies like Certi offer very reasonable home emergency cover packages, and having home security is an option on their website.

Protecting Your Boiler Saves You Time and Money

Our boiler is an often-overlooked part of our home, but when it breaks down, you will soon come to appreciate it more. Getting your boiler fixed or replaced can be time consuming, having to contact different plumbers for quotes, and planning the work. Having boiler cover can make one of the worst home emergencies a much cheaper and quicker experience.

Don’t Throw Money Down the Drain

Drainage can be a hidden expense, lurking beneath your home. A drainage problem can cause all kinds of damage, as well as being expensive to repair. Having a number to call in the event of a drainage emergency at your home eases a lot of worries at a very stressful time.

Protect Your Family from Pest Infestations

You may not consider it, but a pest infestation can strike any home, at any time. You might only think of rats or mice, or maybe cockroaches, but ladybirds and bats can also pester a home. It is worth noting that most house insurance properties will exclude damage caused by pests, so it is better to have an emergency plan in place to deal with the issue before it becomes a problem.

When a home emergency strikes, many people simply don’t know what to do, or who to turn to. Having cover for things like pest control, or drainage problems not only saves you money, but it also gives you peace of mind. Knowing who to call for help for things like plumbing and electrical problems takes a lot of the stress and worry away from a home emergency. Everyone should consider home emergency cover; not only does it protect our home, but it also protects our families.

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