With so many options and trends out there, it can be difficult to find the right home interior design ideas for your property. Whether you are looking for interior design tips to brighten up your living room or your kitchen, you want to use the best ideas to enhance your home. In this article, I’ll cover 5 home interior design ideas to bring your rooms to life and up to date with the latest trends. From retro fusion décor to nature and plants, see these interior design tips to advance your property below.

Using nature to bring your home to life – plants and more

During 2018 using plants as part of your home décor became a major trend. Succulent plants were very popular with small plants used in kitchens and living rooms to add to the room decoration. The use of plants to improve the design of our homes is still well alive this year. It is not just plants that have become a trend, nature has risen as one of the top themes of this year. From tree trunk themed furniture to patterned cushions and sofas, nature has become a favourite amongst interior designers. Beautiful botanicals and soft tropic patterns can bring brightness to any home. Plant themed products such as themed cushions, bedding and chairs can add a lovely natural feel to your home. Get in touch with nature this year and try this design idea to bring your home to life.

The 70s inspired vintage décor

Missing the 70s? Well, you can bring your rooms back to the great years with retro fused furniture and patterns to make your home more vibrant and colourful. A lot of modern furniture is now taking cues from the ’70s with bright colours and geometric patterns nodding to vintage styles. The use of rich accent colours and statement lighting will make any room shine and add elegance to your home interior design. However, with 70’s inspired décor you should avoid over cluttering as this can take away from the great elements of your room. Rugs were massively popular in the 70s, especially those with geometric patterns and loud designs. Adding a rug as the centrepiece of your room will complement your design immensely and lead to great first impressions.

Replacing cupboards with open shelves

Are clunky cupboards taking up too much space in your kitchen or bedroom? This idea will be perfect for you. By replacing cupboards with open shelves your room will feel bigger and you can maximise the space you have available. Open shelves also add a superb style element to any room as you can display items openly, enhancing your design. This will look great with fine pottery or china, so clutter kings & queens can rejoice. Along with improving your interior design, open shelves will allow more light to flow into a compact space. So, your room can appear more stylish and will literally be brightened up for a lovely appearance. This idea will be especially effective in small rooms to create a larger feel.

Finished or raw wooden furniture & doors?

This year has seen a trend of raw and unfinished furniture, with many opting for a more edgy look when it comes to wooden tables, shutters and doors. However, although these features may look stylish and give off a great effect, they are not likely to last as long as finished products. If you would like your furniture or doors to stand the test of time, experts recommend finishing any wood product. Especially if your furniture or door is made of oak you should look to provide the perfect finish for your desired effect. Whether you are going for a finished or unfinished look, finding the right internal doors could transform your home. This will give you the opportunity to match your doors and furniture together or you could go for contrasting colours and tones to mismatch your room.

Coral is the colour

This year coral is the colour. If you are looking to enliven and energise your rooms, the warm and nurturing shade of coral is the ideal colour for you. Working well with both chalky hues and orange and red, the pastel palette will provide a warm and calm feel to your home. The colour can be dressed up and down. So, whether you are looking for a dramatic finish in a living room or a reassuring and calming finish in your bedroom, coral is the perfect colour. If you are trying to find a colour that will complement the interior design of your home, you should consider using coral on your rooms this year.

Now you know 5 new home interior design ideas it is over to you to implement these excellent design elements to the rooms in your home. Try these ideas now to bring your home to life with new energy and elegance.

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