How secure is your home? Honestly, most people don’t pay enough attention when it comes to home security. Well, that’s bad. Home is not just about the physical aspects in life, it’s a space where your family lives too. So, security is important.

Do you think you’re taking enough steps to secure your home?

Home security systems presents us with a solution. Is it worth the hype though? I think it is.

Some stats for you

  • In the US, nearly 58.3 percent burglaries are forced entries.
  • Residential burglaries account for a major portion of the crime. Survey shows that it accounts for nearly 73.2 percent of all the cases.
  • Burglars confess that they are less likely to break into a house if it has a home security system.

What is a home security system?

It’s not hard to guess that the home security system is meant to guard you against all possible dangers. The system is a network of interconnected devices which work in tandem with a centralized control panel. With proper installation, it acts as a shield against burglars and other miscreants.

A home security system typically consists of the following:

  1. Control panel to control the entire working mechanism of the system
  2. External and internal motion sensors
  3. Window and door sensors
  4. Security cameras
  5. Stickers and signs
  6. A loud alarm

This entire mechanism is aimed at one thing—to protect your family and home!

How much is the cost?

The cost of security systems can be anywhere between $250 and $1500. Well, it depends on the kind of system you wish to get installed. There is usually a monthly fee which you have to pay. It varies depending on the company you choose. Well, I can understand that home security systems can be expensive but there are multiple reasons which point to their worth.

The home security system is absolutely worth it

1) It keeps the burglars at bay

This is an ideal scenario, right? The burglar arrives and plans his conquest. “Oh damn! This house looks good. I should sneak in and get those riches out”.

*Spots the security system*

Change of plan: “I guess I’m not in the mood anymore”. Sudden flip and bang! The burglar is gone.

This is actually true. As per a report by UNC Charlotte, nearly 60% of burglars wouldn’t choose a house if it has a home security system. Also, houses without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by the burglar.

2) Gives you complete control over your home

If you install a professional home security system, you can rest assured that your home will be safe. The main advantage with these systems is the scope of control they offer. Most modern systems come equipped with a personal monitoring service. For instance, if you’re on a holiday, you can check who’s entering and leaving your home.

It’s not just limited to that. You can even control the lights, door locks, and other devices at home. Great, isn’t it? Well, if you’re not able to monitor it yourself, the surveillance services are always doing it for you. In case of any security breach, the company is alerted and it communicates with you via call or other viable options.

If you’re not available, it alerts the responsible authority in your area to take care of the matter. Now, that’s pretty smooth.

3) It won’t let you die

I know you might be assuming that a straight send off to the burglars is keeping you safe. Yeah, that’s true. Well, it’s not just limited to that. Most modern security systems come equipped with smoke, heat, and odor detectors.

The system will raise an alarm if it detects any heat build up or presence of carbon monoxide. The latter one is particularly dangerous because carbon monoxide is odorless and goes undetected. So, the alarm can alert you and prevent any fatal consequences.

4) It keeps you relaxed

Who says money can’t buy you happiness? One of the most challenging aspects of life is mental peace. People are engrossed in stress and work pressure. This prevents them from staying relaxed.

What about home security?

Oh yeah! That’s stressful too. “I wonder if someone breaks into my house, he’ll steal all my valuables”. Relatable? Constant thoughts like these can literally make you feel stressed. So, the security system by offering you all the convenience, reduces any chance of theft. And, the best thing is that everything operates in your control. If you don’t want to do it, no issues! There’s a monitoring service doing the job for you.

So, where’s the stress? You can relax and invest your thoughts into something productive. Honestly, you need that kind of convenience in your life.

Still confused?

You can hire a certified residential locksmith to educate you about the concept of home security systems. Once you understand the mechanism, it would be easier for you to consider your options. If you’re looking for optimum security, home security system is definitely a worthy investment.
This article was written by William S., a residential locksmith expert with years of experience in the industry. I am a blogger by day who uses writing as a way to acquaint people with the basics of home security. My knowledge of latest technology and immense expertise allows me to provide valuable tips for people. Apart from that, I’m an avid traveler who’s always up for an adventure.

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