One of the most essential things, when you buy acreage land, is to calculate the amount of acreage. The calculation of acreage requires the width and length of the land. This is followed by calculation of the aggregate size of land in terms of square feet, yards or meters. Now convert this figure into acre by multiplying it with its respective unit of measurement. Tada, you are done.

This may sound easy but many people find it difficult. The above procedure requires a lot of patience and time. The measurement of the land dimensions is usually left to a professional. People hire surveyors to get this job done.

Irregular four-sided shape land

The process for calculating acreage remains more or less the same when it comes to irregular four-sided land. However, the process gets complex since now one has to determine the area of land from four different angles. Any shape that has four sides is called a quadrilateral. Quadrilaterals include rectangles, squares, parallelograms, kites, rhombuses, trapezoids. For square and rectangle, the above process is applicable. For the other remaining shapes, different formulas are applicable. This is the reason its calculation gets tough. Hence, it is advisable to calculate acreage using an online calculator. Your job will be limited to determining the inputs for the online calculator. One can find such online calculators on google.

You can proceed by marking the corners of the land and designating them as A, B, C, and D. Start by marking one corner as A and then go around clockwise. Now start measuring the distance from A to B then B to C, C to D, and then D to A. Record these in the same measurement unit. Now also measure the distance of the diagonals A to C and B to D.

Once you are done collecting the measurements, you need to insert them into the calculator as inputs. It is of paramount importance to collect accurate data and then feed the data accurately. The accuracy of the calculator’s calculation depends on how you measure the dimensions of the land.

If the answer in the calculator is not in acres, then convert the answer to acres using the conversion rates. Such conversion rates can also be found online.

If one finds it tough to follow the above procedure, he can hire the services of a professional for the same. A surveyor will determine accurate information and help you in taking the right decision.

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