Humans need health checkups, and so do your boilers. Imagine, no hot running water – cold showers – iceblock radiators. It will turn your noses red and fingers blue! This is the reason we all need a specialist or plumber to keep our boilers running. Boilers are essential to check for any risk of the gas leaks, which you likely won’t smell.

Not-So-Fun-Fact: Gas leaks cause 60 deaths every year.

It’s recommended to get an annual boiler cover service once a year. As a rule, this is important to keep your boiler warranty valid. It also saves us from expensive boiler replacement down the line.

What does a boiler service have?

It depends upon the service provider you go with, and the money you pay, your service may include anything from a boiler check-up to full pipes and power service.

On the boiler side, the certified engineer will, as a rule, need to test the accompanying for you:

  • Boiler controls
  • Security devices
  • Combustion releases
  • Internal primary parts
  • Electrical connections
  • Gas and weight stream
  • Water and gas pipework
  • Seals – to guarantee that they are flawless

How much does a boiler service cost?

Precisely the amount you’ll pay for boiler service will rely upon factors like:

  • Who provided the service?
  • What was your precise location?
  • How much damage was there?
  • What kind of plan do you choose?
  • Was there any insurance?

You can pay for your boiler service in two different ways:

  • One-off boiler service cost
  • Boiler cover cost

One-off Boiler Service Cost

Paying for one-off boiler service will cost between £80-£100 on average, but this is likely to vary depending on the type of boiler you have.

Boiler Cover Cost

A boiler cover plan is insurance for your boiler. Instead of paying a one-time amount, you would pay a monthly fee of between £9-£13 (on average). It will also cover:

  • The cost of repair service
  • 24-hour emergency breakdowns
  • A boiler replacement if it is needed

One-off Boiler Service VS Annual Boiler Cover

To minimize the cost, choosing a one-off boiler service makes better financial sense for most people. One-off boiler services are ideal if your boiler is not old as breakdowns are unlikely to happen. A boiler cover plan will be the right choice if your boiler needs repairing regularly.

Boiler Service Value Correlation

In case you’re on a tight budget, 247 Home Rescue boilers aren’t only reliable but also probably the most affordable to support in the UK.

Boiler Service Provider Annual Boiler Service cost (starting price)
247 Home Rescue £75
EDF Energy £80
Home Serve £84
British Gas £85
Worcester-Bosch £90

*Prices are sourced from company sites and subject to change.

Annual Boiler Cover Expenses

Most (but not all) boiler cover includes free boiler overhauling. You’ll have to pay for your boiler cover in regularly scheduled payments, which will commonly cost you upwards of £100 every year.

The table gives you how vastly different companies charge for boiler cover, including overall boiler services:

Company Boiler cover cost
(per month)
Boiler and heater cover cost (per month) Boiler, heater, and electrics cover the cost (per month) Excess
247 Home Rescue £7.47 £9.47 £12.46 £95
EDF £7.92 £10.34 £12.55 £95
Home Serve £7.99 £12.99 £19.99 £60
British Gas £14 £15.58 £19.25 £60

*Prices are sourced from company sites and subject to change.

How to tell if something isn’t right with your boiler?

Aside from the mixed signs that your boiler isn’t working right –, for example, no high temp water or heating – there are some other different things to look (or tune in) out, for that is regularly a sign that your boiler isn’t correctly working.

  • Is your boiler’s gas usage high?
  • Is your boiler’s pilot light or fire orange or yellow when it is supposed to be blue?
  • Is your boiler making loads of uproarious slamming or thumping sounds?
  • Is your boiler pressure all over like a yoyo when it supposes to be consistent?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, at that point, you must get an engineer round to view your boiler right away.

Who should fix your boiler?

An expert certified engineer should always fix and service your boiler – never try to take out the responsibility yourself. It depends upon what kind of boiler you have, and you’ll have to pick an engineer with suitable skills.

  • If you have a gas boiler, then you should hire a Gas Safe enlisted engineer
  • If you have an oil boiler, then you should have your boiler serviced by an OFTEC enlisted engineer
  • If you have a coal or wood-terminated boiler, then you need to get a HETAS enrolled engineer consistently

Following Stages

Since you have all the information that you might need on boiler services, reach out to the companies that suit your budget and needs.

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