Converting your garage can be a cost-effective way to create more space inside your home. There are plenty of reasons why you may need more space in your home such as, wanting to increase your property value, make more room for guests, or your children growing older.

Some people may simply have grown tired of their current garage and want to find a better use for it. Electric roller shutters can increase the amount of space you have both inside the garage and on your driveway and a properly insulated garage door will be needed to keep warm air in, and cold air out of your garage. Insulation is not just beneficial for keeping your garage warm and cosy, it can save you money on your energy bills by keeping the whole house warmer for longer.

If you need more space inside your home and feel as though your current garage is a waste, here are some fantastic ideas for garage conversions:

laptop on modern home desk

Studio or Office

The increasing number of people working from home or hybrid working has meant that space must be made to allow you enough room to work in. A converted garage is an ideal place to locate a home office as there is ample space to put office desks, chairs, filing cabinets, printers, and stationery. Having a designated space to work in is important for creating the perfect work/life balance and will increase your focus and productivity if you make it free from distractions. A work from home space may not always be an office, your garage is also an easy place to set up a beauty therapy room, dog grooming area, or arts and crafts studio. If clients need to enter and exit your home the garage gives you privacy from the rest of your home.

man doing squats with bar


There will be no more excuses to skip the gym if there’s one in your very home. A home gym means that no matter the weather outside, you’ve always got a great place to work out in. A home gym gives you ease of access to exercise and means that you’re more likely to keep up with your fitness and increase your health and well-being. Home gyms give you privacy to get a sweat on and you’ll never have to worry about whether your favourite exercise machine is already occupied or not.

Kids playing with building blocks toys on a play mat

Play Den

Children love to make a mess and having a designated room for your children to play in will increase their happiness whilst allowing you to keep the rest of the house tidy. Converting your garage into a play den will allow your child to have a designated room for them and their friends to play in throughout their whole childhood. The play den can be initially used as an under 5’s play area right up until they’re old enough for a teenage hangout spot.

The possibilities for transforming your garage are endless and leaving your garage unused is a waste of valuable real estate.

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