There’s nothing like watching a film on the big screen. The huge screen, all encompassing sound and the darkness that kills any and all distractions means a trip to the cinema is hard to match. However given the events of the last year or so it’s no surprise that many have had to go without a trip to their local for a long time, and how do you scratch the cinema itch when they remain closed?

The best way is to bring the cinema to you! While you may not be able to replicate the full experience with modern equipment you can come close, and prices to create your own home cinema set up are now cheaper than ever. In this guide we will cover a guide on how to create the ultimate home cinema set up and make movie night at home truly special!

A TV or Projector

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s essential to have the correct visual set up. After all, if you can’t see your film properly then how can you truely call it a home cinema? The screen should dominate your view from your seat without overwhelming you, the ideal amount for the theatre style experience is around 5 feet for a 55 inch TV. Ensure you get this ratio right and that it’s also usable for normal TV viewing if you are using it for things aside from watching higher resolution movies.

For maximum efficiency we recommend an LED TV, which is not only brighter but more cost effective in the long term. If you’re looking for an LED TV in Cookstown, or anywhere else in Northern Ireland, then visit your local dealer for their advice on the best solution and to ensure you get the correct size.

Alternatively you can opt for a projector instead, which will mean you are more closely aligned to what your local cinema uses. This comes with pros, such as being able to stretch the screen and aspect ratio to whatever you require, to cons, such as the washout of the screen with any light present. A projector should generally always be used in movie theatre conditions, which means using this set up for normal TV without the curtains down is not likely to be an option.

Sound System

When an explosion hits in your favorite movie nothing can give you the full effect like a fully fledged surround sound. How in depth you go with your setup is completely down to your budget and the space available to you.

The cleanest set up is using a configurable system like a SONOS soundbar, which can have surround speakers and a subwoofer added as required. The simplicity of this system is the true benefit, aside from the amazing audio performance. Operated via your remote control, or via your phone, you can easily configure your needs.


While sitting in your normal, fully lit living room is fine, nothing envelopes you into a movie like the darkness you find at your local cinema. To replicate this at home is fairly simple, if you have curtains then simply draw them shut and you should find the light rarely catches your eye, leaving you to enjoy the film undisturbed.

If you want to go one further then you can integrate dimmable lights, such as Philips Hue, which allow you to use your phone or even your voice to control the levels of brightness. Dimming the light as your film starts instantly triggers that cinema feeling so it’s certainly worth the investment!

Comfy Seating

There’s nothing more annoying than an uncomfy chair when watching a film. Hopefully your living room doesn’t have this issue, and a nice supportive sofa is great for watching films as a couple or as a group.

If you’re looking to upgrade your seating then consider a powered recliner, which allows you to truly sit back and relax when watching your next blockbuster. You can even find models which integrate cup holders for ultimate comfort!


Finally no great trip to the cinema is complete without snacks! This is where you can truly step up the game from your local cinema, it will be a lot cheaper and considerably more tasty to make your own.

For authentic popcorn you can opt for the pre-bagged supermarket option, which is ok if you want the easy way out. The true film goers however will invest in their own popcorn maker, which gives those delicious warm kernels that really make you feel like you are watching the big screen.

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