Living in a small apartment and an even smaller bathroom makes it hard to play with interior design. What are your décor options if the bathroom is just several square meters in size? Although it seems impossible, there are ways to design a neat little bathroom and do it so in style.

Opt for lighter shades

As you probably already know, wearing black makes you appear slimmer. The same principle goes for rooms, as darker tones make a room appear smaller in size. Therefore, you should choose colours from the opposite side of the palette and paint your bathroom white.

Colours like light blue, light green, and grey are also excellent choices for painting the walls of your bathroom. You can further enhance the effect of light colours by painting the bathroom ceiling in a tad darker hue to create the effect of contrast.

Extend the cabinets all the way to the ceiling

One thing that every bathroom cannot have enough of is storage space. Homeowners struggle to squeeze in as much stuff as possible in every room, which creates clutter over time. A crammed bathroom looks just awful, so you should find extra storage space.

The easiest solution is to simply extend the hanging cabinets all the way to the ceiling. This way, you get extra storage space that is protected against water damage. As an alternative, you can start using the top shelf of cabinets to store less used items but be aware that they will be exposed to moisture.

Where to mount the towel bar?

Towel racks are virtually mandatory inside the bathroom but they take up a lot of space next to the sink. We know you would gladly change their location but where to place them? Well, doors are a better solution than the walls because a door towel bar takes up the least amount of space possible.

If there are two doors then you can mount the bar on the shower door and the bathroom door. If the former is made from glass, don’t worry, the metal bat can still be screwed into place. The towel closet can be located in another room like the bedroom as long as you have a towel bat with a hand’s reach.

Replace the walk-in shower with a freestanding bath

One thing you have to realize about bathroom design is that it is imperative that you choose a contemporary décor theme. For instance, the oval freestanding bath is making a comeback, so be sure to replace the walk-in shower with it.

Admittedly, shower cabins are more compact but freestanding baths come in all sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding a one that would fit your bathroom ideally. They give the whole room a sense of spaciousness and you won’t bump into an oval bath because of its smooth contours.

The larger the mirror, the better

We all know that mirrors reflect light but instead of getting several smaller mirrors for the bathroom, go for a supersize mirror. Ideally, the mirror should cover an entire wall. If this is not possible, then try to get a large vanity mirror and adorn its edges with a colourful LED strip.

Think about installing a corner sink

We’ve talked about saving space and one of the best hacks to get extra space in the bathroom is to free up space under the sink. However, some bathrooms are so tiny that you cannot fit any conventional sink inside it. In such cases, a corner sink is by far the best solution. A triangular-shaped sink won’t get in the way and you’ll be able to open and close the shower door if you decide to install a walk-in shower after all.

Floating shelves

Your current bathroom vanity is probably a floating one but why not make the shelves floating as well! Whichever type of shelves you have, they are going to collect dust, so it doesn’t really matter if they feature side panels.

Floating shelves usher in a sense of grandeur, especially if you hang them in a zigzag pattern. Moreover, you can build a corner shelf on your own, maxing out the use of space inside the bathroom.

Use the space above the toilet

Even the toilet or the bidet can be floating, as most public restrooms have such toilets. They are easier to clean than ones mounted to the floor but it’s the space above the toilet that you should direct your attention at. If you don’t already have a boiler hanging there, then you can place the medicine cabinet here.

Traditional hanging cabinets aren’t suitable for this location because of their depth but a medicine cabinet should slide in perfectly since it is slim. These cabinets usually come with glass doors and glossy knobs, adding to the appearance of spaciousness by reflecting natural light.

No matter how small your bathroom is, there is no reason for it not to be stylish. From gaining extra storage space to choosing an oval freestanding bathtub over a walk-in shower, there are numerous hacks to make the bathroom appear bigger.

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