With spring fast approaching, it’s more important than ever to look after your garden, especially in the winter months. Your garden is a big part of your home and therefore it should be maintained in the same way that you would look after the interior rooms within your home, such as the kitchen or a bathroom.

If you are keen to get your garden organised and looking fabulous for when the sun starts to come out, continue reading for our best tips and tricks!

1. Tidy Up

The first and essential step you need to take when doing up your garden is to carry out a complete overhaul which includes organisation and a clear out. Start from the bottom and remove any debris or obstructions from the area immediately, whether that be an old bench or dead plants, it will make the world of difference.

2. Plant Some Trees

An easy way to spruce up your garden is to simply plant a few trees. Whether you want to plant an apple tree or an alder, there are so many different options you can consider which suit all tastes. Most trees will take many years to grow to their full potential, but it is definitely worth getting started with planting as they will soon grow to be an essential and beautiful part of your garden.

3. Use Topsoil & Subsoils

Soil and subsoils are a perfect solution for the upkeep of your lawn and plants, particularly in colder months when most species are struggling to survive. We would highly recommend the purchase of topsoil in Cardiff due to the wide variety of solutions that are on offer throughout the area. Topsoil provides many beneficial nutrients and protects the ground from any nasty insects or pests. Always consult an expert before purchasing any topsoil to make sure you get the perfect bag.

4. Water Plants Regularly

You don’t want to spend lots of money on new plants, only for them to die due to a lack of maintenance and nutrition. Maintenance of plants is essential and crucial in making sure they last for a long time. There are a lot of plant types that will die or struggle through winter so ensure you do research on them all, enabling you to carefully conserve your plants and flowers.

5. Pull Out Weeds

Weeds are a major threat to your plants and any animals living in the ecosystems within your area. You don’t want them competing with the other plants in your garden, so get rid of all of the unnecessary weeds. You can also specifically kill the weeds with boiling salt water if they are difficult to remove. Many people believe that weeds don’t do much harm but even if that were true, who wants horrible looking weeds in their garden?

6. Add Some Decoration

Your garden is one of the best parts of your home to experiment with when it comes to ornaments and furniture. Get creative and make it your own. You can build your own shed, install a lovely new bench or add a few fountains to the mix. Particularly for when you are using your garden more regularly in the spring and summer you will want everything to look well-presented and comfortable for guests.

We hope you have found these tips useful. Sorting out your garden doesn’t have to be hard work; have fun and always make sure YOU are happy with it. It’s your garden, not anyone else’s. Happy gardening!

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