When it comes to making your compact kitchen look and feel bigger than it actually is, all you need to be is a bit design savvy!

That said, in this article, we’ve put together different design tips and tricks from professional kitchen fitters to make the process of transforming your compact kitchen into a comfortable and airy space much easier.

With these tips, you will not only make your kitchen appear spacious but also end up finding yourself spending most of your time in it.

Let’s take a look!

Keep the Colour Scheme Bright & Consistent

When it comes to making your kitchen look spacious, its colour scheme plays a huge role. While a darker shade might make it look and feel cramped, a lighter hue with loads of white tint will help the natural light to easily reflect through the walls, giving your kitchen a spacious impression.

However, when we say ‘go for a lighter shade’ it doesn’t mean cream or bright white. In fact, you need to widen your horizon and look for other colours too. For example, you can go for blue, green, grey or even yellow.

No matter which colour you select, ensure that the kitchen walls and cabinet doors have a consistent colour scheme.

In doing so, you’ll be getting rid of visual barriers that usually cause your eyes to stop short and make the entire room look bigger and spacious than what it really is.

Go for Open Shelves

In a small kitchen, storage space is always of the essence and in that case, it’s crucial to optimise your wall space. But instead of choosing solid cabinetry (this will only make your kitchen appear smaller), why not go for open shelves?

These storage options provide you with ample of room to place all your appliances and other kitchen accessories.

Additionally, you could even add glass-panelled doors to the cabinets since they offer similar benefits as that of normal cabinetry while helping you maintain an open design.

In order to open up your kitchen and make it look and feel brighter, you can consider adding soft lights beneath the shelves or within your cabinets.

Add a Glossy Feature in the Entire Kitchen

Normally, mirrors are used in bedrooms and hallways to make the room feel and appear bigger. Something similar can be done in kitchens too, however by adding glossy features.

That said, you could go for a gloss-finish worktop and cabinet along with certain stainless steel accessories such as handles, appliances and taps, as they reflect more light and make your kitchen look spacious.

If you wish to improve the look, then you need to make the most out of natural light. For this, ensure that the design of your window is simple; perhaps with no treatments on the windowsill, glass or ornaments. Doing so will help you maximise the natural light entering your kitchen, thereby making the room look bigger!

Get Rid of All the Mess

Be it on your worktop, in the cabinetry or on the shelves – mess is the biggest enemy of smaller kitchens.

In order to maximise your storage space, you could add a narrow larder and some drawers. These not only help you hide your unnecessary utensils, crockery and other ingredients but also keep the shelves and worktops squeaky clean.

Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be displaying any of your crockeries.

You can place statement appliances like a freestanding mixture to enhance the kitchen’s design. To give the room a homely feel, you could go for everyday essentials like toasters and kettles while also adding herbs, fresh flowers and other decor items. Just make sure these are displayed sparingly.

Choose a Simple Yet Bright Lighting

If your kitchen is small but has a high ceiling, then a statement lighting would be an ideal addition to its design. However, if the ceiling is low, it’s best to not go for unnecessary lighting.

When it comes to compact kitchens, integrated lighting is a design-saver since they’re barely visible and do not overlap with the existing features. What’s more, you can flood the entire kitchen with these lightings as they help you make the room appear brighter and feel airier throughout the day.

While ceiling lights are crucial, you don’t have to stop yourself at the ceiling. Integrate them as spotlights on the worktop or under the cabinets so as to add a mild glow to the prep area.


A compact kitchen doesn’t have to be cramped!

In fact, even they can look as beautiful and spacious as bigger kitchens – all you need to do is follow the above-mentioned tips and design a room that you’d want to spend your majority time in.

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