Most people cringe at the thought of having a small kitchen because they envision the clutter and the limited working space that they may encounter. However, it is possible to have a functional tiny kitchen that does not make you feel claustrophobic. In fact, some homeowners with tiny kitchens in Seattle condos love having tiny kitchens because they force you to become organized and they have low maintenance needs.

The biggest issue that people have with tiny kitchens is the limited storage space. Limited storage space often leads to cluttered countertops because people are overwhelmed by the amount of utensils and food items that they use. In order to maximize the available space in your kitchen, you should seek to have smart storage options.

Vertical storage

Most people use horizontal storage spaces in terms of cabinets that run from one wall to another. A tiny kitchen requires the use of vertical storage in order to exploit the unused headspace. Instead of installing cabinets and shelves in a vertical fashion, opt to hang items on a vertical rack that does not touch the floor. The vertical mesh rack will allow you to hang pots and pans without taking up any floor space. Ensure that the rack runs up to a comfortable height for you and other residents in the house.

Vertical storage space is also ideal for wine and knives. In the case of wine, you may build a simple vertical rack that can hold at least five bottles of wine at a time because you probably do not need a large wine cooler that holds 24 bottles. For the knives, ensure that you have stainless steel knives in order to install a magnet that will hold the knives. This enhances safety by keeping the knives out of the reach of children.

Pullout cabinets

Most cabinets have blind spots around the corners that are not used due to the difficulty they bring when you try to reach for items inside the cabinet. You should maximize this unused space by installing pullout shelves in the cabinets. The pullout shelves have gliders of the doors of the cabinets that pull the shelves out as soon as you open the doors. This way, the items on the shelves in the corner cabinets are put on full display to ease your reach.

Smart spice rack

You may notice that you have some unused space beside your fridge. In reality, the small space is enough to fit a vertical spice rack with shelves to hold the bottles of spices. The spice rack pulls outwards to reveal well-organized shelves hence making it easy to reach all your spices when cooking. Additionally, you can make the shelves of the rack wide enough to fit canned foods. This will come in handy for a small kitchen that does not have a pantry. As such, you free up space on the big shelves and cabinets that you can now use to store large items such as cereal boxes.

When you find an ideal home from the various Seattle real estate listings, don’t let the tiny kitchen discourage you from owning your dream home or a home in your dream location. Simply use these tricks to maximize the space you have.

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