Self-storage is a great help when you’re moving house, decluttering or storing office furniture. However, when it comes to your storage it’s important to remember that your belongings should be properly packed. This will help you fit more belongings into your unit and save you time when you need to get them. Moreover, preparing your belongings for self-storage can help ensure that they stay safe and in good condition while they are being stored. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your belongings for self-storage.

Tips On Preparing Items For Storing

Clean and Organize

Before you pack your belongings for storage, it’s important to clean and organize them. This can help prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and damaging your belongings while they are in storage.

Pack Properly

Use sturdy boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap to pack your belongings. Label each box clearly with its contents so that you can easily find what you need later. Avoid using newspaper to wrap fragile items as the ink can transfer and damage your items.
It’s important to purchase good-quality cardboard boxes to keep your belongings secure. If you opt for second-hand boxes, make sure they’re not damaged, damp or missing flaps. In addition, it’s a great idea to use boxes of the same size because you’ll find it easier to stack them safely and avoid accidents. When it comes to labelling, make a note of which room the items come from, what the items are and if they are fragile. It’ll also help you stack them without a damage. Let your notes look bold and easy to read so you can see what is inside the box even if it’s on top.

Disassemble Furniture

If possible, disassemble large furniture items such as bed frames and tables to make them easier to store. Keep all of the hardware and screws in a labelled bag to ensure you can easily reassemble them later.

Protect Furniture

Use furniture covers or blankets to protect your furniture from scratches and dust while in storage.

Consider Climate Control

If you are storing items that are sensitive to temperature or humidity, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit to protect your belongings. Our Self Storage in Grantham is watertight and well-ventilated to prevent dampness.

Don’t Store Prohibited Items

Most self-storage facilities have a list of prohibited items, such as hazardous materials or firearms. Make sure to review this list and avoid storing any prohibited items.

By taking the time to prepare your belongings for self-storage, you can help ensure that they stay safe and in good condition while they are being stored.

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