We’ve all had that moment where we are looking at our outdoor furniture and wondering how we can give it a facelift. While it’s manufactured to be able to withstand the elements and last as long as possible, there inevitably comes a time when you need to put in a little effort and give your furniture a little love. Take a look at some of our top tips on how to revive your outdoor furniture to keep it looking fresh!

Simple TLC

Take a moment and assess the needs of your patio and outdoor furniture. Is it starting to rust? Does the wood need to be sanded down and stained? Is the material starting to fray, tear, or is looking worn down? A simple search on the internet can lead you in the right direction as to what products you can use to treat these materials to help them last as long as possible. For example, you can snag a bottle of rust converter to easily take care of your rusting outdoor furniture for minimal cost.

Spray Paint

One quick and easy way to help your outdoor furniture is to grab a bottle of spray paint and give it a facelift! If any of your furniture has cushions or padding, you will want to be sure to remove all of that before you start spraying. Lay down some newspaper and spray on light coats to avoid excessive paint drip, and be sure to allow a healthy amount of time to let it dry before you use it.

Replace Webbing

If you have a classic aluminum lawn chair, you are familiar with the practice of replacing your chair’s webbing. While this style of folding lawn chairs is extremely durable and lasts a long time, it can be fun to change out the webbing for a new color or style. Look at all of your options for different webbing and get to work re-webbing! It will be like having an entirely new chair to take with you to all of your concerts, camping trips, and days at the park.

Reupholster Chairs

If the padding on your outdoor chairs is starting to fade and wear thin, you might consider re-upholstering to give it a whole new look. Find some heavy-duty fabric that fits your style and matches the rest of your outdoor and patio furniture and get to work putting together some new seat covers. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, you might consider putting together a slipcover to go over the entire chair, instead of just the padding.

Add Accessories

Not feeling super handy? No problem! Investing in some colorful pillows, outdoor throw blankets, and some weatherproof centerpieces for your outdoor tables could be the perfect way to spruce things up. Find what best fits your style and host a party to show off your new arrangement!

Whatever direction you decide to go with reviving your outdoor furniture, keep in mind that the more effort you put into it, the longer your furniture is going to last. Help your pieces stand the test of time by properly caring for them and you’re sure to be satisfied for years to come.

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