Carpets are a great addition to any living space. They provide warmth during the winter and are comfortable underfoot. But unfortunately, they do not last forever. As they wear you will eventually need to replace them with something new, especially if you are looking at selling as the flooring is one of the first things your potential buyer will notice. But how do you know when your carpet is in absolute need of replacing? Most good quality carpets can last up to 15 years with regular maintenance. But there are other things to look for if you are unsure whether your carpet requires a reboot.

Significant damage, such as mould and water damage, are sure-fire signs that your carpet needs to be replaced. These issues are far beyond the realms of a professional cleaner as the damage has reached the inner fibres and taken hold of the carpet at this point. Unfortunately, the only step from here is a replacement as the problems can not be fixed. When you replace the carpet you may also want to look into the root cause of these issues so that it does not recur.

Assess whether there are any leaking pipes or other water sources that may have been to blame for the damage to your carpet. This will avoid the same problem from occurring in the future and ensure your carpet lasts longer this time around.

You shouldn’t underestimate the health effects of mould on the occupants of your home either. People who suffer from breathing conditions or allergies can be greatly affected by mould which is why it should be removed from the premises as soon as possible.

In high traffic areas especially, you will see a lot of wear and tear in your carpet. It may look dirty and worn no matter how many times you clean it. When it gets to this point you should consider replacing it for the simple aesthetic of your home. It may not affect you practically, but it will look a whole lot better!

This may also be true for those stubborn stains. Some stains just will not budge from the fibres of your carpet. Professional cleaning can be utilised, but if this still does not effectively mop up those stains your only option may be to replace the carpet altogether. This is of importance if you are looking to sell too, as it is one less thing the new owners will need to attend to and will raise the sale price of your home.

Carpets act like magnets for allergens in your home. If your allergies are acting up and you can not find the culprit then you may want to look at your carpet. Things such as pollen, pet hair and dust can get caught in the fibres and are very hard to shift once they are lodged deep within. If your carpet is nearing that 15-year mark then the best option may be to replace rather than painstakingly clean to try and get rid of those stubborn allergens. As long as you clean your new carpet regularly, and vacuum weekly, hopefully, you can avoid this issue in the future.

Aesthetics are important, especially while you live in the home. You may still have carpet installed from decades ago and it is just no longer in style. You may wish to redecorate and the current carpet does not do the new design justice. In any case, you may wish to replace the carpet not because it is worn or old, but simply because it would look much more aesthetically pleasing in a different colour, style or design.

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