Choosing a house sign is not as simple as it seems. As this involves your house, it is something that you need to properly consider. It’s wrong to do it wistfully and randomly because there are important factors that you should consider. You should at least give it a good hour or two when planning for your house sign. To help you on the matter, we asked design and construction experts for important factors to consider. To ensure that you don’t waste your money and encounter any form of hassles in the future, you should simply consider the following when looking for a house sign:

1. Location: Where are you going to put your house sign?

Before even planning on buying one, you need to be definite when it comes to the location of your house sign. Where will you place it? If you live in a subdivision or area where there are protocols to be followed, you should duly such. If there are no house sign placement restrictions whatsoever in your area, then you should simply consider the following factors when choosing a location for your house sign:

  • It should be easily visible – people delivering your package and mail should find it easy to see your house sign
  • It should be not so exposed to changing weather – it should be protected from harsh elements
  • It should be visible both in day time and night time – it should always be visible regardless of the availability of light

2. Climate: How is the climate in your area?

After you’ve chosen a definite location for your house sign, you should then take time to consider the climate in your area. If you live in an area where it’s significantly sunny all year long, then consider yourself lucky. With such a climate, you won’t have to worry about snow covering your house sign every winter. If you live in an area where you get to meet with Jack Frost on a yearly basis, then significant planning is required. Your house sign should be placed in an area where it won’t be covered by snow during winter. It has to be ever visible despite the onslaught of snow. You could of course choose a location that gets covered with snow and just make a conscious effort to have it cleared every time it is covered. If you don’t have energy for such a thought, then it’s best to strategically plan the location of your house sign. If you live in an area that gets frequent thunderstorm visits, you should have your house sign placed in an area that is not exposed to the wind. Adjust your house sign placement accordingly depending on the climate in your area.

3. Material: What kind of material do you need?

There are plenty of materials to choose from when it comes to house signs. Currently, Welsh Slate House Signs are preferred by many because they are highly durable and greatly exude a premium and elegant vibe. If you’re after such a look, then you should opt for slate house signs. The following are house sign materials that you can choose from:

  • Wooden – wooden house signs are affordable and highly customizable
  • Laminated Paper – house signs made of laminated paper are also highly affordable
  • Concrete – concrete house signs are highly durable
  • Acrylic – acrylic house signs look and feel modern
  • Metal – house signs made of metal always feel premium and elegant
  • Stone – stone house signs can be expensive but they are easily customizable and are highly durable
  • Vinyl – businesses prefer vinyl signs for their offices and stores

You should highly consider the exterior look of your house when looking for a house sign material. If you want your house sign to match the feel of your house, look for one that will match its vibe and aesthetic. If you want your house sign to pop out, then choose a house sign with a material that is so different from your house’s exterior aesthetic. Take note that you could also opt to simply use paint when designing your house sign.

4. Design: What are your design preferences?

After you’ve considered the climate in your area, the location of your house sign, and your preferred material, it is time to pick a design. How do you want your house sign to look? When planning for a design, you should prioritize the following factors:

  • Your house exterior’s aesthetic – you can either look for a house sign that matches your house exterior’s current aesthetic or one that is exactly opposite to it. If you want a unified look, then opt for one that matches your house’s exterior aesthetic. If you want your house sign to be pop out and be significantly outstanding, then choose colors and designs that don’t mix well with your house’s exterior look.
  • Existence of community house sign rules and mandates – you should consider your community guidelines when coming up with a design. Your house sign design should be as big as what the law dictates. This is only a matter of consideration if you live in a community with such guidelines.
  • Visibility – regardless of color and design, your main priority should always be that your house sign is visible at all times.

5. Budget: How much are you willing to spend?

You should dedicate an exact budget for your house sign. Having one will prevent you from overspending. It will also streamline your design and material choices as those that don’t fall under your budget will immediately be removed from your options. Having a budget will make choosing and planning easier for you.

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