A fresh-smelling home is one of the most inviting things a person can experience. But how do you maintain that light, airy smell all year long? Here are three tips for you to keep that “ahh” feeling each time you come home.

1. Deep-Clean Each and Every Area of Your Home

Start out by throwing out any unnecessary items in your home. You could plan out a weekend to go through everything or take it on day-by-day, task-by-task.

Create three piles: one with items to keep, one with items to donate, and one with items to throw away. Once you’ve taken everything out, take the time to deep-clean each and every room, drawer, and surface.

Once each area has been cleaned, start to return your possessions in a neat and tidy manner. Many stores offer great containers, shelving, and other organization tools that streamline your process. It might be worth the small investment.

The thing with cleaning is that you can’t just do it once and expect it to stay that way. Each day, remind yourself to put away anything that’s out, in order to keep things orderly. Do a surface clean each week and a deep clean every few months to keep everything maintained. Also avoid letting dishes in the sink or dishwasher build up, as well as any garbage cans. And make sure to frequently wash stinky gym clothes and anything else that causes unseemly odors.

2. Open the Windows Regularly

In hotels, the first thing the cleaners do when they enter a hotel room is open up the windows, if possible, to let fresh air in. Some rooms can start to get that stale smell if you don’t air them out enough. Follow that line of thinking and try to open your own windows to allow clean air in daily, or at least weekly. Try to open up closet doors and room doors and allow them to air out every once in a while too. This can make a big difference and requires hardly any effort!

If you’re not able to open windows regularly, such as in an interior room like the laundry room, consider using air freshener bags from OdorCrush. Simply place a bag in a room and it will remove the moisture, which also removes much of the odor caused from that moisture.

3. Add Fragrances

Once you’ve done all the other necessary measures to freshen up your home, fragrances can really add to the overall feel of a home. For example, placing lemons or limes in your kitchen sink disposal every once in a while will freshen up your kitchen’s smell.

Another option is to bake something yummy like cookies. You could take an afternoon to make the dough and store it in the freezer. Then just pull out a couple of cookie dough balls to bake any time your kitchen needs it. You could also make a stovetop simmer with some citrus slices, herbs, and spices to add some natural aromas to your home.

You can make your home smell great with a little extra effort! Just try your best toit regularly and consistently keep it clean. Air out your rooms daily, and once everything is fresh, add fragrances to bring even more goodness into your home!

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