The Laticrete Strata Heat System is a thin and lightweight uncoupling mechanism that combines multiple features into one compact system. As an all-in-one heat mat and underlayment membrane, this product eliminates hassle and combines multiple components. The underlayment membrane rolls into a single polypropylene element, which has uncoupling, crack isolation waterproofing and floor heating benefits.

Here are a few important characteristics of the Laticrete Strata Heat System:

  • Flexible floor heating zone selection
  • Lightweight system assembly
  • Low thermal inertia
  • Customization
  • Energy efficiency
  • Significant savings in installation time, effort and cost
  • Not necessary to use self-leveling cement to cover and protect wire before install
  • Start right away after heat cable is installed in desired areas
  • Will configure to any shape or size of space
  • Great load distribution support
  • Entire system can be installed in one day

The Laticrete Strata Heat System combines the benefit of an underlayment membrane with the comfort and convenience of an electrical heating floor. This system functions as an uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing membrane. The low thermal inertia allows heat to rapidly and efficiently transfer to tiles for immediate warmth and comfort of electric radiance. With customization properties, you can choose the exact area of where to install heating cable for optimized comfort.

The Laticrete Strata Heat cable can be installed where heat is desired. After the cables are securely put into place, there is no waiting necessary to begin installation. Make sure the heat cables are properly spaced to ensure that they never cross or overlap. To install the Laticrete heat cable, wrap it around the plastic studs. These studs protrude from the top of the Laticrete Strata Heat mat so that the heat cable spans the length of the area spaced exactly two studs apart.

The Laticrete Heat Membrane contains a polypropylene uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing system. Rounded square shape relief channels are explicitly designed to embed and hold the Laticrete Strata Heat cable firmly in place. Each rounded square relief has central cavities shaped like an inverted pyramid. Once injected with thinset, the inverted pyramid becomes an incompressible structure. The central cavities act as pillars by distributing and transferring the load from tile floor to subfloor. Also, the polypropylene thermo welded woven layer increases bond strength between subfloor and membrane. This woven layer…
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