Outdoor furniture covers help in extending the life of your garden chairs, sofas, tables, benches, grills, etc. This way, these items do not get the sun’s harsh beating and heavy rains. So you can savor more barbeque meals and special moments relaxing amid the lush greenery of your garden without having to invest in new garden furniture.

According to an article published on Us.cnn.com, when you have a roomy porch or patio, you can accommodate a huge sofa set that comes with weather-resistant and waterproof covers as well as colorful cushions. Then, you need to know using outdoor furniture covers the right way. Here is how:

Prevent the furniture covers from flying off during gusty weather

Even though your outdoor chair or sofa cover fits perfectly, it might blow away if the weather is rough and windy. Fierce gusts of high winds could damage the covers as well as lead to furniture scratches if left to nature’s fury. The solution is clamps that help in securing garden furniture covers, thus protecting chairs, sofas, benches, and dinner tables.

Using cover clamps

All you need to do is slip the clamps once you cover your outdoor chairs, tables, and sofas, especially if there is a windy or rainy weather forecast. Use first-rate materials that come with clamps and bungee cords to keep all your patio furniture protected from the external elements. Make sure your patio furniture covers are of the best quality and do not tear off easily despite inclement weather conditions.

The instructions are:

  • Carefully put the covers on your patio furniture and secure the drawcords or fastener straps.
  • Undo the clamp by squashing on the middle lever and gliding the crossbar in the direction of the hook slot.
  • Tighten the clamps towards the reverse sides of the base of the cover. Put the clamp’s teeth on the furniture cover’s edge. Glide the crossbar in the direction of the teeth until the clamp fastens in the right place.
  • Put a bungee rope at the back of the front wheel or furniture leg. Connect the hook via the slot of the right front and left front clamps.
  • Put the second bungee string at the reverse side of the back wheel or furniture leg. Fasten the clasp via the slot of the clamps in the right rear and left rear.

Putting large covers

Patio furniture covers come in varied shapes and sizes and therefore, work with a family member when putting large covers for a big sofa set you have in the garden. Ideally, take two people to place a large cover on the furniture. Let each one take one side of the sofa. Hold the sofa cover over it together. Stretch the cover and move down the two cover sides over the sofa set or for that matter any other patio furniture. If the cover has buckle straps, fasten these around the furniture legs or below the center of the piece.


Now that you have these practical tips for using your patio furniture, you can use them to protect your outdoor chairs, tables, sofa sets, and benches from the external elements.

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