Have you recently invested in a block of flats? After comparing the pros and cons of investing in houses and flats, your choice might have swayed more towards flats. If so, have you started finding tenants to fill the vacancies for each flat?

Finding tenants can be a challenging task for landlords looking to fill the vacancies on the properties they own. Of course, good marketing and positive reviews about you as a landlord can help attract possible tenants. However, ensuring that your flats are in good condition for sone to live in is one of the most important factors.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your flats for tenants.

Invest In Insurance

Investing in insurance is one of the most vital steps when preparing your flats for tenants. The right insurance will help to protect your flats from any damages caused by fires, floods and vandalism, amongst other factors. Investing in a property is a costly investment, so ensuring that it is protected should be a top priority.

If you haven’t invested in a block of flats insurance policy, head to sites like Quotezone.co.uk, where you can compare various providers and their policies. Select a few of the block of flats insurance policies that offer you prefer to narrow down your choices, and compare the selection you have left. It will help you to save time and find the right insurance policy to help keep your flat investments protected.

Repair Any Issues

Spend time carefully looking around each flat and identifying any issues or potential hazards. These could be bulbs that need replacing, sockets that need updating or cracks in the wall that needs filling in. After identifying all the issues, you can then put plans in place to have these issues resolved.

Aside from issues, you might also plan to freshen up the place by painting the walls. Choosing light-coloured paints for the walls can help to brighten up the space. It can even help the flat to feel brand new – even though it was a fresh coat of paint that has done the trick!

Deep Clean Before Arrival

Along with checking for issues, look for areas that could do with cleaning. You might find it beneficial to clean each flat before tenants move in thoroughly. This is to help ensure no unpleasant surprises lurking throughout the flat.

Deep cleaning of the property can be done by yourself, or you could hire a professional cleaning service to complete the task. This way, you can ensure that the property has been thoroughly cleaned. After it has been completed, take photos of the flat for your records that you can use to see if any damages have been done to the flat.

With the flat cleaned, tidy and ready for the arrival of your chosen tenants, why not create an information pack? It could include everything they need to know about using the appliances, any security measures in place, who to contact in case of an emergency and details for broadband, amongst many other factors. This will be greatly appreciated by tenants and can help them settle into their new homes. It will be the finishing touch on preparing your flats for tenants.

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