To assess the condition of your house or commercial facility, you need to conduct a survey. It is performed by experts visiting your building. The inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of your premises, identify any existing problems and complete a report.

Experts study the condition of your windows and their compliance with the parameters of the house. If the glass unit is damaged or doesn’t perform its functions well, an expert will advise the best way to restore it.

You can contact Chameleon Decorators for house surveys. Our specialists offer the best styles and sizes of glass units. If necessary, they will offer the installation of additional glazing or replacement of non-working fittings. Expert assessment doesn’t require much time – our specialists quickly identify problems and find ways to solve them.

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Types of house survey

There are several types of building surveys that can help buyers before purchasing a new home.

  1. Status report. It is necessary for assessing risks when purchasing, checking documents and solving legal problems. As a rule, it is carried out for houses built not so long ago.
  2. Study the state of your house. Experts identify possible defects and give recommendations on how to eliminate them. You will be helped to calculate the price of your house and how much it will take to carry out the restoration work. The assessment is suitable for homes that don’t have major problems.
  3. Construction inspection. Includes a more detailed study of the state of your house with the identification of all kinds of defects. You will get recommendations on how to get rid of them. This stage is suitable for old buildings or for new renovation projects.

Conducting a preliminary inspection will determine the cost of future repairs and minimize possible risks before buying a new home.

RICS condition report

One of the simplest examinations, including examining the condition of the house. During the expert review, there is no in-depth study of possible problems. This report will be sufficient if you are looking to buy a new home that is in good condition. Experts will examine the different parts of the premises and determine if they meet the standard parameters. In the case of serious defects, you can find out about them and determine the cost of repairs. This will help you avoid big expenses in the future.

Homebuyer Report

This homebuyer report is required for buildings with satisfactory condition. The duration of the peer review is slightly longer than in the previous report. This is due to the fact that the inspection is carried out more thoroughly. The report includes all identified problems affecting the price of housing and comfort during the stay. Inspection allows you to identify if the house has subsidence, mold and other imperfections.

Sava home condition survey

This analysis is similar to the previous report. In this case, no market value assessment is made. Experts can make a photo report, which makes it easier to understand the existing problems. You will get a list of mortgage valuation legal issues that need to be resolved prior to the contract.

Do you need to get a survey?

You may think that after buying a new home, you don’t need to spend money on a condition report. But if the house has any problems, it is better to find out about them right away. This will help you calculate an estimate of future repair costs. You can talk about the information obtained in the report with the previous owner of the property. Perhaps the purchase costs will be reduced in this case.

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