It’s clear that homeowners are choosing to update their gardens with artificial grass in 2021. Now more than ever, people are seeking out creative ways to enhance their outdoor spaces and artificial grass has fast become the first choice for those looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution to enjoy all year round. So why are so many people opting for artificial turf?

Here are 10 reasons to choose artificial grass for your garden

1. Long Lasting Properties

Due to the very fact that artificial grass is artificial, it is incredibly durable and therefore made to stand the test of time. Without the necessity of on-going maintenance and returfing every few years, you can be sure that your artificial lawn will be a long-lasting solution for your home and garden.

2. Low Maintenance

Traditional turf requires maintenance all year round to ensure that the lawn remains in tip top condition. From mowing, to weeding, to returfing, to seeding, to feeding, to watering, the list is seemingly endless. The necessity of maintenance is almost entirely eradicated with artificial grass. A simple sweep to keep on top of stray leaves and debris is all it takes to keep your artificial lawn looking its best.

3. Child Friendly

A lawn is great for families with children, but with risks such as nettle stings from hidden weeds, and the damage to the grass by children who are simply having fun, traditional turf can be troublesome with kids around. Artificial grass is completely child friendly and remains intact when the little ones are playing, and of course, weed membranes fitted with artificial lawns prevent weeds from growing through.

4. Pet Friendly

Many homeowners tire of cleaning up mucky pawprints throughout the house after having let their four-legged friends into the garden. Artificial grass has become a clear winner for pet owners. Even the most boisterous of pets are unable to dig in artificial grass, and with no mud present, pets are able to enjoy the benefits of the lawn without causing any damage or getting dirty.

5. Styles To Suit You

Most artificial grass suppliers are able to offer artificial grass in a complete range of styles and finishes to suit all budgets and requirements. From budget to luxury, thin pile to thick pile, be sure to check out the full selections on offer.

6. Made To Measure

Artificial grass is generally available to order in whichever size you need! From tiny front gardens which require a small square of artificial turf, to huge outdoor exhibitions which need complete installation, for most suppliers, no job is too big or small!

7. Easy Installation

With help and advice from professionals, artificial grass is easy to install. Some homeowners choose to install their own artificial lawns, whereas others prefer to instruct a professional to complete the job. Either way, it can be a quick task to complete.

8. Match Your Budget

Due to the fact that artificial grass is available to purchase in a range of styles and finishes, you can be certain to find artificial turf within your preferred price range. Luxury versions are available and of course, cost more, but there are many options out there for homeowners looking for artificial grass on a budget.

9. Increase Home Value

As a premium, contemporary renovation to your home’s outdoor space, it’s no surprise that by having artificial grass professionally installed, you can in fact increase the overall value of your property. Many potential buyers in 2021 are keen to purchase homes that come complete with low maintenance solutions, and artificial grass is practically at the top of that list.

10. Contemporary Look

A modern look and feel to a property is important to homeowners and potential buyers alike. Artificial grass offers a contemporary aesthetic to any home, and with its durable properties, it is made to look the part all year round.

Helpful? I hope so!

Artificial grass is quickly proving to be a widespread investment, and with safe, durable properties and a pleasing aesthetic to enjoy throughout all seasons, it’s clear to see why artificial turf is so popular!

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