“That sofa bed with your new throw pillow, that coffee table and that lampshade on top of it, that fine silk upholstery and those cushions in your guest room; when it comes to room décor, every little knick-knack plays an elemental role in making it efficient and impressive. Read below and get inspired to decorate your room too!”

From the dream zone of your bedroom to your tea-time lobby and living room for guests, you can apply these ideas in more than one room of your house. To begin with:

1. The Magic of Prints

Prints are always delightful. Explore from huge varieties of ginghams, florals, ethnic, geometrical patterns, dramatic gold leaf and more. Splash in some printed bedspreads, duvet covers, tablecloths, curtains and pillowcases. You can also experiment with prints on your lampshade or a floral wallpaper pasted over the ceiling lights. When the light bulbs are turned on, these prints will give off a glamorous look of pinky evening skies.

2. Positioning the Display

This hack works best when you have plenty of or maybe, a couple of showpieces, souvenirs or memory souvenirs in your room. Position their display in a pattern, maybe square or circular. If there’s a large centrepiece, you can make it the focal point of the room. Another great idea is to have a statement showpiece at the centre-table and to highlight it by hanging a mirror on the wall opposite to it.

3. Soft Pastels & Neutrals

Soft pastel tones such as baby pink, power blue, custard yellow and foamy orange are evergreen when it comes to home décor. They exude cosy warmth and stilling coolness at the same time. Experiment different shades with a combination of cream or white.

4. Go with the Theme

Whether it’s vintage regal style, farmhouse country style or a coastal cottage, having a theme is a wonderful idea especially if you have kids in your home. You can choose to have different themes for different rooms or same theme for entire home. Complement and match with your furniture beds, side tables, shelves, cabinets, furnishings or decorations.

5. Interplay of Textures

An assortment of textures in the room gives an artistic look to it. From tables to mirrors to curtains and linen, you can try different objects featuring different textures. If there are cabinets or cupboards with drawers, complement them with stylish carved knobs or crystal knobs. Play with geometrical patterns, sequined curtains, lace, sheepskin cover pieces and more!

6. Glass Surpasses All

Be it a simple stained glass lampshade or a giant window glass, glass is something that adds a feeling of soothiness and beachy earthiness in the room space. If you’ve got a room near your backyard porch or garden area, there’s a beautiful idea to create sliding glass doors with wooden panels, or you can try this with windows as well.

7. Artwork Statements & Innovative Storage

For all the art collectors out there, convert your room into a creative storage place as well as a masterpiece. Use multi-purpose furniture such as tables, sofa sets, cushion covers, bedside tables and bed trunks. If you’ve got a wedge shaped storage especially at the ceiling, you can conceal and decorate it with beads of rice lighting.

8. Let Nature Befriend Your Room

Let your room get inspired by some holistic, organic or botanical style décor by adding elements of nature such as indoor plants, If that much, you can just try playing with the colours of walls and floors. From deep blue to sea green to charcoal black, there are a lot of shades to try. If the room has doors, try playing with floral style door knobs or maybe even, hammocked door handles.

9. Clean & Renovate (Yes!)

Cliché but interesting! Believe it or not, this is one of the best and simplest of acts you can implement from the list. All you have to do is, simply clean up your room and dress up it in an all-new fashion. Stack the items in a newly order, pile on the books or draperies, decorate the walls with wall hangings and let the walls take the centre stage.

10. Colours on Floors

Floors painted in vibrant colours make up the highlight of a room. Splash in some dash of popping colours on your floors while keeping the walls white or minimal. First, the colour highlights and throws attention on other elements of the room. Secondly, if the room features a minimal décor with a small number of furniture pieces, then these pieces become the hero of the room.

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