Security is one of the last things a lot of people think about when they move into a new home. Although it is boring compared to decorating and discovering the new home, security is crucial if you want to protect your family and belongings. To this end, we have put together a list of some security upgrades all homeowners should seriously consider.

Light the Landscape

Most burglars and vandals like the dark because they want to hide from you or your neighbours. A dark landscape gives them lots of options, and you can take away these options by installing lights in your front and backyards. Pay particular attention to how you light the garage and outdoor structures as they can be used for concealment. If you are worried about power consumption, consider smart light bulbs, solar-powered lights or motion-activated lights.

Secure All Doors

Did you know that in more than a third of all burglaries, the burglar walks through the front door? This is a staggering statistic that should reinforce the importance of securing all your doors. Start by inspecting all doors to ensure their frames are strong, the hinges can withstand forced entry, and that someone cannot unlock the door from the outside thorough the mail slot.

When doing this, do not forget to check any basement doors if you have a basement egress door. The egress door is often forgotten and can become a point of failure in all your security preparations.

The other thing you should check is the locks. Many homes, especially older ones, typically use older, less-secure locks which can be easily bypassed. If you are worried about your locks, get in touch with the expert locksmiths at Sure Locks. They are lock, security, and alarm experts in the UK who perform security assessments to help homeowners and businesses identify and address any security issues they point out. Sure Locks also fits a wide range of secure locks and alarm systems for doors and windows for all homes and businesses.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

It is no longer enough to secure your physical property, as you also need to secure your networks. Since there is an increasing number of appliances connected to our Wi-Fi networks, the network can be a point of security failure. If you use smart doors or locks, access to your Wi-Fi network could potentially lead to someone opening these doors or locks from the outside.

Also, a network intrusion can lead to a loss of personal and financial information. The best ways to secure your network connection include using a modern Wi-Fi connection with strong encryption, using strong passwords, hiding your network or reducing its range on routers that have this capability.

Install Shatterproof Windows

Apart from your doors, your windows are another point of entry for burglars. Installing shatterproof windows is a great way to stop those who wish to come in this way. Shatterproof windows are becoming cheaper and there are lots of options to choose from.

While installing a security system is a great way to secure your home, there is still more you have to do to ensure as much protection as possible. There is an endless list of things you can do to secure your home; you only have to pick the options that will work best for you and your situation.

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