For many homeowners that were stuck at home during lockdown measures, they have probably spent more time in their home than ever before. Even when things did open back up and restrictions eased, people were just spending more time at home and going out less. With that said, you’ve probably had a good amount of time to look around the interior and exterior of your home and realised there are some projects that could be done.

If you’re already starting your to-do list for next year and home projects are high on the list, we’ve got three substantial ones that you may want to consider.

Give the Exterior Some Love with Landscaping

If you’ve been giving the interior of your home all your attention, time, and budget up until this point, then it’s time to show the exterior that same love. Spending time and money on landscaping will not only improve the curb appeal of your home, but it can help you to create an inviting outdoor space that extends your entertainment and living area.

For those who happen to have a back garden, you’ve got lots of potential to create an outdoor seating and dining area. You can even plant fresh gardens, use natural stone to create walkways and patios, and get creative with your outdoor lighting plan.

Consider a Loft or Roof Conversion

If your big issue with your home is a lack of space, yet you like the house and the neighbourhood, then there is a solution. Loft conversions as well as house extensions have become quite the common practice. It’s a way of creating that additional living space you are lacking in at the moment without having to move house.

You can start planning this way in advance with the help of a specialist firm such as CK Architectural, who are architectural designers in Yorkshire. They are well-versed in loft and roof conversions, as well as home extensions. Because they have so much experience, they not only have the know-how, but they can offer invaluable expert guidance and advice during the planning and conversion process. Their project management services mean you can just sit back and watch the project play out without you having to stress about it.

Make Artwork and Décor a Priority

Another major project you could tackle is the overall décor in your home. Maybe you’re happy with the current flooring, paint colour, wallpaper, and even the furniture, but the home still feels like it’s missing something. Often it is the added touches – the little design elements that pull spaces together. So, why not focus on artwork and décor with your next project?

Adding carefully curated artwork and décor pieces to each space gives you a chance to pull a colour story, a theme, or a style together and then create flow through the house. In order to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed, you can tackle this project one room at a time sourcing your pieces from a variety of places.

A Spectacular Home with Fabulous Results

No matter which of these projects you tackle next year, you can rest assured that you’re going to have some spectacular results.

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