Countertops play an incredible role when you perceive a proportioned and balanced kitchen area in your household.

Also, every type of countertops you use may either lead or follow. It can even speak if you have an active or soft personality.

The same goes with other parts of your home. It’s essential that you have to envision a whole and fresh looking kitchen.

That said, aside from using traditional countertops materials, some may look for alternative countertops to use which can contribute to the overall aesthetics of the space.

As such, here are the top five countertops that you can use to achieve a more eco-friendly kitchen environment.

The Icestone Countertop

The Icestone is the most popular type of recycled countertop. Recycled cement and glass are its main ingredient. It is created to sustain expensive countertops and an alternative to conventional stones.

Besides, Icestone countertops come in a different array of colors to choose. Most Icestones tops come from bold jewel tones to classic neutrals.

It is also good for everyone’s wellness especially to kids at home because it does not contact toxic pigments.

Eco Countertops

Eco countertops is a specialized kitchen countertop made from a nabbed Silver combined with fifty percent recycled materials like porcelain, glass, vitrified ash, earthenware, and mirror.

Also, it is a countertop that which become famous because of its design, sustainability, and quality. It merely requires a nonporous surface in which sealants must no longer need that causes high maintenance.

Caesarstone Recycled Countertops

The Caesarstone recycled combines beauty and eco-friendly type of countertops. Most of these countertops were manufactured using reusable ISO tanks. It creates an impressive overall kitchen appearance.

That said, the two most popular colors that evolved for the past years were Ruby and Quartz.

The same with eco countertops, Caesarstone recycled countertops use a nonporous surface and guarantees an eco-friendly certification from every household…
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