Tiles are one of the best options for walls and floors that have been around for years. Not only are they very affordable, but they are also very easy to maintain as well. One can choose from a variety of tiling combinations and materials and enjoy smooth and durable walls and floors for decades to come.

Many people want to install tiles for their home or office flooring, but tile installation calls for sufficient knowledge and skill. Moreover, the installation must be done using quality materials and tools so that you achieve the results you aimed for. Hence, it is absolutely crucial to choose the right tile installation service.

Tips to choose the right tile installation contractor

Get your information from the right source

One must tap into the wealth of knowledge that lies with contractors, interior designers, architects, and salespeople while shopping for tiles. These people know a lot about different types of tiles, their application, and durability at their fingertips. They also deal with tiling installation services on a daily basis. So, one must make use of this information by calling upon qualified installers using the right source.

Speak to a reputed contractor or tile store owners and ask them to recommend someone they know and trust. Commercial contractors and various tile store owners happen to know the best in the business of tile installations since the vast majority of tiles are sold for use in commercial buildings and residential purposes.

Hire an experienced professional

The thought of hiring a handyman or your brother’s best friend might cross your mind, but tile installation is no job for a jack-of-all-trades. It requires a specialist to do it “properly” and skills that are only harnessed with thousands of hours of work. So, don’t just hire someone because he charges less. Hire someone with at least a minimum of three years of experience in tiling installation.

The professional must also be able to show you his portfolio that encompasses floor tiling, wall tiling, and shower tiling. It will save you a great deal of time, money, and effort in the end.

Seek a licensed installation service

There are many tiling installation services in the market that claim to be the best at what they do. However, there is only one way to be sure that you pay for what you are going to get is by verifying the credentials of your prospective installer by ensuring that he is certified and licensed as per the state’s regulatory authority.

The tile installer must also have insurance coverage since accidents or mishaps can happen with anyone, even a skilled professional. Never hire a tile installer without insurance coverage, since you will have to bear the brunt should anything goes wrong.

Ask for pictures of finished projects

Pictures speak a thousand words and will surely reveal the skills of the prospective installer in this case. Upon presentation of the pictures, look closely at the finish of the work. See to it that the tiles are evenly spaced and have precisely straight grout lines.

Take note the layout and see if everything is balanced. The size of cut tiles should be the same, even if they are on the other side of the room.

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions as you are entitled to clearing your doubts. The right questions will help you learn more about the abilities of your tiling professional. Ask your installer these key questions:

  • How long the project will take to complete?
  • How many laborers are required for the project?
  • How many tiles are required and of what dimensions?
  • Have you ever taken up similar projects (ceramic tile, wood look, etc.?)


The difference in the quality of work between a mediocre and an expert is quite easy to tell. So, closely examine the details of the installer’s work and hire only the one whose tiling work seems impressive. You can also visit the current site the tiling contractor is currently working on as you will be able to see for yourself whether all the claims made by the contractor are true to his words or not.

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