Your home is your little haven. It is a place where you create lovely memories and spend a relaxing evening with your family after a busy day at work.

If there has been a recent burglary in your home, you might feel vulnerable since the security of your home has been compromised. Prevention begins from outside.

If people can view your home, then you need to ensure you get maximum home security measures. Below are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your home is protected at all times.

Don’t Provide Areas Where Thieves Can Easily Hide

You should trim the trees and bushes that are in your compound that may create a hiding place for thieves. You should also prune all the shrubs that might block the windows.

Install lighting in all the areas which are dark in your home and which may give a thief easy access to your home during the night.

You can use motion detection spotlights in entryways. These spotlights are useful in conserving energy, and they won’t annoy your neighbours with bright lights.

Don’t Announce to the Public If You Are Not at Home

If you want to go on vacation, don’t make the mistake of announcing it to everyone. In today’s society, people like to share the happenings in their life a lot, and that is one quality which thieves love about us.

Updating on Facebook that you are about to leave for Santorini or tweeting that you have just arrived at the airport is an excellent way of informing thieves that you are not at home and that your house is empty.

Make all the updates and share pictures after you have come back from your vacation. When going for a trip make sure that you tell a friend or relative to be dropping by to pick newsletter, mails or fliers which are left lying on the doorsteps.

If the newspapers or leaflets are left lying on the doorsteps for days, a thief will know that you are not around…
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