Ah, summer. A time for fans, ice creams, sunbathing, and BBQs. Many of us love the warm weather that summer can bring, and aside from the unusual weather changes we have experienced for the past few years, you can also count on a British summer to have some spots of rain and temperatures that make you feel like you might just reach for the thermostat. Classic.

If that is not reason enough to keep your heating in tip-top condition, you might find you encounter some issues as autumn and winter start to settle in.

We know what you are thinking – can we not just enjoy the summer first?

Well, the answer is only yes if you do not mind dealing with heating issues in freezing temperatures.

Assuming you do mind, read this piece to find out more about maintaining your heating this summer!

Understand What Kind of Heating You Have

While there is a likelihood that you are already aware of what heating you have, it does make a difference as to how you should treat your central heating over the summer. For example, if you have a combi boiler, you will most likely just want to leave the hot water on, which is an option. However, for older boilers that you might rely on for hot water, it may not be preferable for you to turn off the boiler completely. This can leave your home feeling a little warmer than desired, so if that becomes the case, you can turn off your radiators in rooms that you would choose to be a little cooler in summer.

Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators is a good way of keeping your central heating system in good nick over the summer. It is also a pretty easy task to do as well. Essentially, when you bleed a radiator, you are leaking the trapped air inside. The trapped air stops the heating from circulating through the radiator properly and can give you issues when you go to turn on your heating as the days get colder. It will also be more expensive when it comes to your heating bills!

Make A Professional Appointment

If you have no idea ‘what is what’ when it comes to heating, that is totally fine – that is what the professionals are for. Whether there is a strange noise coming from the boiler or you want a thorough cleaning job done so you do not have to worry about it before winter, then contact heating engineers Stafford to make sure a skilled professional can check everything is in working order and clean it safely, ready for when you next need to use it.

Plan Upgrades and Replacements Now

Not only does it make sense for us to be planning upgrades or replacements for our central heating systems when we need them the least, but it is also when engineers are more likely to be less busy. This is particularly useful if you end up needing a big job done, as they are also more likely to be able to get hold of parts quicker and complete upgrades in less time.

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