Protecting your garden chairs, tables, sofas, and benches could be a bothersome task. When exposed to the elements, especially rain and snow, your classy butterfly garden chairs and other furniture items would face significant damage over time if you don’t use waterproof chair linens to prevent moisture damage.

You need to make the right choice when it comes to outdoor furniture covers. When you buy outdoor furniture covers, the first question you must ask is whether the material is waterproof or not. Here are three tips to help you choose the best waterproof garden or patio furniture covers:

1. Check the product reviews

Picking out waterproof table, chair or sofa covers for your lush green lawn need not be difficult or overwhelming provided you know what you want. Go to the product website and check the customer reviews. Then, beware of fake testimonials. You also need to look for other additional information like information-rich web pages, product descriptions, and comparison charts. Check out details such as how these covers are merchandised and arranged according to categories.

2. Make a list of the elements your outdoor chairs are exposed to

Besides the other elements, rain and snow are a few threats that damage your expensive, classy garden furniture. If you leave your patio chairs and tables exposed to the elements for a long time, all your outdoor furniture would be damaged, and that is the last thing you would want.

Make a proper list of the elements that are damaging your outdoor furniture. If you are unsure how to start, research on the internet about the expected seasonal climate of the place you stay. Mark the top two bothering elements in the list, say, for instance, rain and thunderstorms, and use the comparison charts of waterproof chair covers to figure which product is best for your garden furniture.

For instance, if you live in a rainy area, you would be concerned to protect your garden furniture from rain and thunderstorms. These elements will damage your furniture, especially the harsh beatings of heavy rainfall if you do not have waterproof furniture covers.

3. Measure your waterproof furniture

Waterproof chair covers aren’t meant to touch the soil to let proper air circulation below the linen to prevent mildew and mold growth. Then, does an oversized cover allow water to pool? Yes, it does. A very small furniture cover will not provide full coverage either. You should use appropriately fitting chair covers with roughly four inches unused.

You will need to measure your furniture covers as well as the chairs and the tables in your patio or garden. Remember an oversized material will leave water pockets to build up, which is not desirable. If you are not sure how to measure, research on the web. You can also call a person who knows about garden-furniture cover measurements. These little things will help you choose the right material for your garden chairs and tables.


Keep these tips in mind to pick out the best waterproof chair covers for your patio garden. It will make all furniture last for years.

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